Wednesday, November 30, 2011

They're always the best ♥

Hey my dear readers! Are you a K-POP fans? If you are, I'm sure you'll know what I wanna talk about :D If you know me, you'll know I'm a super big fan of BIGBANG! ♥ I'm a VIP :D 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) held at Singapore yesterday. I'm hoping I'll see them attending and keep wishing that they'll give all VIPs a surprise, appear at the red carpet. But they didn't attend yesterday :( This year's MAMA is kinda bored because BIGBANG didn't attend. Hope they'll attend next year! :)

Although they didn't attend, they won The Best Music Video - Love Song! Oh yeah, I almost cry when I'm watching MAMA. They really are the best the perfect! My hot hot guys. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Love Song, this MV is really perfect! :) BIGBANG FIGHTING! ♥ Congratulations to BIGBANG! Miss them. Especially Daesung. Can't wait for them to perform together at YG Family Concert!

And I'm a part of 2NE1 Blackjacks too. They look so gorgeous! They won the Song Of The Year - I am the best & The Best Vocal Performance (Group) - Lonely. Wow they really rocks! :D They're beautiful, their voice are awesome and their songs are perfect! :) Congrats to 2NE1! ♥ YG Family is the best.

Now it's time to vote for BIGBANG & 2NE1 for the SBS MTV 'Best of The Best' . You can vote once every 10 minute! Let's show the VIP & Blackjacks power. BIGBANG & 2NE1 forever. Here's how to vote : . Okay signing off now. Stay tuned for my next post :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Karaoke with Family ♥

My weird & weak looking face. Not photogenic at all lately :/

Just a short update today. Bet ya'll know what am I going to blog bout today by reading the title :P I went Redbox Karaoke @ IOI MALL with family and two cousin brothers to have a crazy Karaoke party day :D Seriously, I was shocked when my mom called and book the room LOL. Cause I beg her many times to go to the Karaoke but she never give me a reply. But anyway, thanks mama! :)

My lemon juice! :D

Didn't take much photos cause we're busy singing :P It's been a long time since the last time I went to the Karaoke box. I'm super super happy and keep singing and singing loudly! :D Though there's lots of unhappy things happened lately, but I'm just gonna sing out loudly and happily :) Life is no meaning if I'm not happy everyday. And the music can helps me to forget everything. Music is my drug and I'm addicted to it 

We're so happy that time and it's great to be together with family :) And and actually I never sing so loud before in front of my parents! HAHA! My daddy singing is so nice I love his voice :D I know my voice is terrible but I just love to sing ♥ Had a great family day C:


I know these days I don't blog often. Cause I'm not in a blogging mood :/ Damn it wtf I hate myself. Will update more often. Stay tuned :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Oh this mad girl. she's 15 now.

Oh hey my dear readers! Yea, as you know I just passed by 15th birthday. Yeah I'm officially 15 years old now :D 22th November, happy birthday to me ♥ Suddenly feel myself is growing up so fast. Yea, so fast. I can't believe I'm already 15 and I'm heading to form 4 next year. Ohh stress is coming over me. Don't feel like wanna grow up so fast, teenage life is awesome  But peoples have to grow up to learn something new and experience life, so just move on :) Realized I've grown up a lot, I'm so childish last time! Hahahaha :D

That day mama brought a chocolate cake for me. Chocolate is my favorite :) Just a simple celebration but I'm so happy. After dinner they just took the cake out and sang birthday song for me C:

Looks delicious right? Yea it's absolutely delicious! :D American Chocolate ♥ !

Opps! Don't look at my face :x

Oh LOL! I look so happy when they're singing birthday song for me :D Oh actually I look funny.

Birthday wish : Go to BIGBANG's concert with my babe friend - Suet Hwei 
If this really happens I'll jump around, scream all day and I'll faint. HAHAHA! :D

Teeheeeeeee :3

Had a great time with my family! Thanks a lot! Appreciate it ♥ Thanks for everyone, all my friends and family, thanks for being by my side no matter what happens :') I'll change my bad habits like procrastinating, lazy and much much more. Next year I'll be a good student, no playing around anymore :P SPM is coming! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I'M FIFTEEN YEARS OLD :D

Last but not least, thanks to Phoebe and Jia En for this huge huge bear :) I love it so much! But the bear is almost bigger than me. Haha :P

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

17/11/11 . Celebrating birthday @ Sunway Pyramid ♥


Oh hey creatures! As you know, is my birthday today! :D I'm so happy and idk why. LOL. Wish me happy birthday :P Mama gonna buy me a cake today and celebrate with family later :) Thanks mama! Love ya.
Okay back to the topic. I went Sunway Pyramid with my girls last Thursday and we had a great time. I love them so much. We went there for celebrating my birthday! :D Thanks my girls! Love love  Thanks for everything and every moment. I appreciate it so much. And thanks for the huge teddy bear from you girls! :) I'll not forget that day forever.

First we went the Cinema to buy tickets then went for shopping, lunch and then movie hour! :D I wear high heels and I was so tired after shopping. But it's been a long time I didn't wear high heels so I wanna wear it. Haha. Had a great day!

Let the pictures do the talking! :)

Look of the day. I'm super ugly! :( So I resize this pic. Don't look at my face -.-

We went T-Bowl Restaurant for lunch. Toilet concept restaurant! :D Awesome.

We sat on these toilet bowls :D HAHA!

Set lunch. RM11.90. Noodle + Green Tea + Pudding/Fruit . Worth it :)

Oh my gosh this ice-cream was super delicious! I'm so hungry that time and I eat like I never eat before :P

I'm so chubby! :( Ignore me.

3 crazy girls' hand :D

It's movie time! :)

We watched this :) . Super nice movie ever! Must watch!

Once again, really had a great day with them. Appreciate it so much. Although we may be not in the same school next year, but nothing can change our friendship. Keep in touch ya ^.- . Love you girls so much. I'm glad to have friends like you girls. Really happy to know you girls. You girls are always by my side no matter what happens :') Friends forever 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Once in a life time, 11.11.11


So hey creatures, how are you guys? Doing well? :) A whole long week I didn't update my blog again. I know, I'm such a procrastinator. I wanna update my blog but I just keep procrastinating :( IHATEMYSELF.
Okay so now back to the topic. Happy 11.11.11 everyone :) . This day doesn't mean anything to me. I'm staying at home dating with my laptop :D   HAHA. But anyway it's a special day. Once in a life time huh. We're lucky that we can pass this day together C: . APPRECIATE APPRECIATE! :P 

It's a special date today. So did you make a wish? :D Make a wish if you haven't! I wish I can see BIGBANG live at their concert  If you know me, you should know I love them so much :P Oh I can say that they're my life  Their music their songs their voice and their everything are amazing! I can't live without one day of their music Yea, I'm a crazy fan :D I LOVE THEM!

Oh that's my BIGBANG ♥ They're so cool so handsome so awesome ;D

Wish everyone have a great day today. Stay happy and smile always :) On this special day, here I wanna tell all my darling friends, I love you all! Please be happy everyday ya C: Keep smiling and no matter what, smile. :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pinkie blog ♥

If I can make you fall for me, I'll be right there to catch you & never let you go. ♥

*Idk why. Recently I love black & white pics so much ♥.♥

Hello my beautiful creatures :D ! How are you guys ? Haha bet you'll realized there's something different :P YEA, I finally redecorated my dear blog. Thinking back, I can't count how long I didn't redecorate my blog. This year I've been so busy preparing for PMR exam but now, you know, I'm free :) Just staying at home fooling around and sitting in front of the computer everyday while waiting for the results. I mean is this life? LOL. This is a boring lifeless life after PMR :/ Okay enough craping about PMR again, it seems like every time I love to move to the another topic lol idk why. MOVE TO THE MAIN TOPIC NOW :D

OH HEY pinkie blog! Simple design and I love PINK :D And don't you realized I changed my songs too? It's one of my favorite song :) So yea, I put it in. AND AND AND my blog header! Hahahah I looks cool :P *p/s : It's a black & white picture again. lol. I just love black & white *

Lately I've no idea what to blog with. I don't wanna my blog to be dead but I really don't know what to blog with in this boring holiday :( . So to know more bout me you can follow my Twitter :) . Okay signing off now, bye peoples ;)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Bukit Tinggi with Family :)

The emo looking face. You got sexy emo looking face like mine ? :P
HAHAHAHAH just joking :D

So yeah. I bet you know where I went for when you saw my title. I went Bukit Tinggi with Family on Wednesday (26/10/11) . Its a public holiday so parents didn't work. Parents decided to go there cause we went there when I was 5 ! Wow, time passes so fast, 10 years already :O I don't remember a thing about Bukit Tinggi and I don't even know I went there before. So its a great chance to go there :)

Enough chit-chat :P Let the pictures tell you everything :D Kinda less pictures of me in these photos because I'm the photographer :P

My mom called me to take photo of her while she's climbing up the stairs. LOL!

We're walking up the hill.

Super nice view when walking up the hill ! :O

Dad. He stood up there so dangerous lehh.

We saw pretty flowers while walking!

Finally we reached. Japanese Tea House :)



Dad & Mom

Me and mommy :)

What a romantic lane :D Do go there with your love ones :)

An interesting and beautiful flower !

Little pink rose 

This was interesting. There's two trees there. And it looks like a tree monster. Wow.

Next stop - France village 

This place is super duper nice ! LOOK AT THOSE COLORS :3


My daddy :D He's cute !

Don't look at my face :O Cause the sun was too bright, I can barely open my eyes :/

I'm trying to act like a model, and congratulations to me, I FAILED :D

Dad and Brother. HAHAHAH guess what they're doing :D

Enjoyed french bread and coffee there :) 

The lovely sea horse love me :D

Last but not least,

Emo time :P Haha I just love acting like a emo model :D

You know ? I always wish I can have a Canon DSLR. At Bukit Tinggi, a girl called me help her take photo with her Canon DSLR ! WOW :O ♥ I finally can hold a Canon DSLR oh my gosh I'm so happy ;D Her Canon DSLR is so nice ! ♥ Wonder when am I going to get my own Canon DSLR :( SAVING MONEY NOW :)

Okayy, that's all for this post. Bye peoples ! ;) Do click on my nuffnang ads before you leave, thanks ♥