Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Things I got to do !

The weather is HOT HOT HOT. So I clip up my bangs to school.
Now I'm feeling so hot sweating like a g6. -,- - Like a g6 by Far East Movement (Improved version xD) 
LMAO ! The weather seriously is HOT !

I'm a freaking happy girl now. Why ? Cause exam is over ! After about 2 weeks going to school to face a whole bunch of exam, and now I'm FREE ! :D I'm free like a bird flying in the sky ! xD FREEDOM 
Today's art test seriously sucks. Like shit. I draw and paint like shit ! I bet the teacher will not understands what I'm drawing. lolwtf. I'm quite satisfied with my painting of the sky. Which like the best I did in my life. But the painting of the sea ruin my whole drawing ! omfg. Well, as long as it's over. I'm not gonna think a word about exam anymore. :D

So, have to plan for this holiday. I'm not gonna sit right there for two whole weeks at home like a nerd. I'll get crazy if I do that. Yup, seriously. Anyway, going outing with Ms. Mushroom this Friday ! Can't wait. If I can control the time I'll turn it to Friday now ! :D
Let's see what I got to do during this holiday. (:

Crazy shopping ! Like the image above ! :D

Outing with friends. :)

*This is my current computer wallpaper. :D
I wanna get my BIG BANG's 4th Mini Album ! 

I gonna grab all Big Bang's stuffs back home. :D

And last, 

Movie all the night ! :P

Who wanna spend your holiday crazily like me ? :D

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

GINVERA White Tea Total Benefits. ♥

Yup. You're right. That's the crazy me :D

Oh yea, exam is going to end soon ! Tomorrow is having Art and Civic paper. Useless subjects to me. So not gonna to do revision for that. And I'm like never pay attention before when teacher is teaching these two subject. HAHAA. :P Cause its totally useless. Marks for these two subjects will not add in the average percentage as well. 
Wow art. Drawing and painting ! So excited ! My favourite  ! Love it. LOL -,- Actually I hate drawing and painting the most. My drawing sucks to the max ! And painting worst. If you saw my art work you will like : 'WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ? ' LOL. Seriously. Useless subject. Drawing also want to have test ? Lol feel so stupid.Anyway after exam I gotta party all the night. :D NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW ! Muahahaha. :P  *so dramatic -,-*

Okay back to the topic.

Mom brought me this about a fortnight ago and when she gave me this, I was like : 'This thing looks kinda not so useful to my hair.' But after I tried it once, the result was freaking me out ! Why ? Don't worry. I'll tell you. :D

This thing makes your hair straight and soft ! Other than that, it also makes your hair so smooth ! Like my case, my hair is kinda frizz and sometimes it looks so dry cause I dyed my hair before. And my hair is not that straight. My hair texture is not so good either. But after I used this, my hair becomes more straight and smooth. My hair becomes more soft after using this too. I was like WOW ! I never think before my hair can be like this. :O Super good product and you have to buy it ! 

I know what you thinking. Wondering how to use ? :D Okay I'll tell you that too cause I'm so kind right ? xD *joking*
Use it after bathe. It can be use on wet hair or dry hair. Press a little bit out and put on your hand, and apply it on your hair. Don't use too much once. After applying on your hair, just leave it to dry. DO NOT wash it off. Erm I mean don't have to wash it off. ;)

Remember ! Is GINVERA White Tea Total Benefits. :) 

No lies ! It is a really damn freaking good product ! (;

*Story out of the topic*

I just brought an Elmo T-shirt from my friend's friend. And I received it today. :D It's so damn nice you know ? I love it. But although I love Elmo, I still love DOMO the most. DOMO forever. ;D

Yippee ! It's so nice C=

Me and Elmo T-shirt take 1 !

Oops ! Too dark.

Me and Elmo T-shirt take 2 !

Nonono, too blur.

Me and Elmo T-shirt take 3 !

Oh yea. And this is what I'm talking about. :P


Saturday, May 21, 2011


Look at my hair color ! It became more obvious and more obvious since I dyed it on last year December. Love it so much now but scare got catch by teacher at school. :(

It's Saturday. As usual it is a day for me to relax but today it is not. ): Gotta do revision for next Monday's exam. Geography. Ishhh, I really don't hate this subject but it have so many things have to memorize ! OMFG. :O
Spent hours to do revision for my Geography. It's like there's a hundreds chapters ! And yet, I can't remember much. ;( Ishhh ! If you give me saw a word about Geography now I'll get crazy seriously. My head is going to burst soon with those stupid things in my head :(

This book makes my head almost burst. So many chapters in one day ! Gosh.

See ? The book is so freaking thick ! :O

Parents' taking brother to look for used car tomorrow. Shall I go ? Monday I've exam but if I keep staying at home with books I'll get crazy. Haih. 



Friday, May 20, 2011

Christ Photography. ♥ ( part 2 )

Be yourself, you can't be anyone else. The best you can be is you. ;)

So, its Friday ! Thanks god is Friday. I finally can take a rest and relax after a whole bunch of exam. Ishh, so 
stress. All I gonna do now is sit right here blogging and relax. Forget everything first and after that gotta do revision for my Geography and Chinese on Monday.
Today's exam seriously sucks. History and Living Skills, I had read all those things and yet I can't memorize. Worst part is, D; Hope I'll not get bad results if not I'm dying for sure. :(

Kays, back to the main topic. I'm gotta continue uploading my photograph. :D
You know how much I love photographing ? I love photographing until words can't describe. ;D I'll upload all those photos including those Part 1's for those who haven't read part 1. ;)

Let's look at those photos now (:

When a girl says "I love you", she wants you to be hers forever. She wants to be the person who sit on the back seat of your bike. :D

Happy Mother's Day. :D

Folding lucky stars one, two, three until hundreds. And hoping my wish will come true.
My wish is : "I wanna be with you forever." :') 

I remember, the time you fetching me with a bicycle, taking me go here and there. ♥

Hello Kitty reminds me when I'm a small kid. :D

Pikachusss ;D

A day without music is like a year without rain. :D 

The flame of our love. 

I'm using my puppy as a model. You may think I'm crazy but so what, he's cute ! :P
Model - My puppy Cookie 

Always smile, cause you never know whose day you might be making. ;)

Sometimes, when I miss you, I'll go back the place last time we usually go, thinking back the memories that belongs to US. 

I gave you my heart. So don't break it babe. :') 

I wish my life is like writing with a pencil. I can erase and rewrite it.

[友情] 真心是唯一的凑合;开怀是不变的呵护。

You're my sunshine. You brighten up my day. ♥

Christ Photography. 

Loneliness is a special enjoyment when chosen by ourselves. But hard to digest when gifted by others.

Looking at the flower, it reminds me the time when I'm still with you. :') ♥

Just a simple sentence, I LOVE YOU. 

So that's all the photos ;) I'll keep on taking NICE PICTURES (*coughs) for you all. :D HAHA.

Look at me ! I tied all my hair up ! My very first time xD (*I'm ugly I know.) Cause you know, the weather is hot hot and HOT !
Am sweating like mad everyday. D;

Kays ! That's all for this post. Bye peeps ! ;)


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Current status. ;)

*Sorry ! Running out of photos. ):

Hello peoples ! Ya, I'm having exam. But I'm still gotta blog about my current status. ;) So, I'm here ! :P

This time exam really kills me badly ! Hate it. It's so hard. No matter how hard I study I just can't memorize those bullshit things. -,- Can anyone help me ? D; Maths paper 2 and Science paper 2, I gonna die for these for sure. So many things I can't remember. Especially Science paper 2. Most of the questions I leave it blank. ): Hope I'll not get the worst result ever. Haih. I don't wanna makes my parents disappointed but, I already tried my best.

Tomorrow's having History and Living Skills. The two subjects I HATE THE MOST ! So hard to memorize all of them ! Have to memorize all Form 1 and Form 2's. And some Form 3's too. Don't feel like studying the living skills. ): And this time exam is not that important to me, the exam I have to study hard is PMR. It may changes my Form 4's life. -,- *lol, not so exaggerating laa.*
Anyway, hope I'll not going to take poor results back home. Haih, Buddha bless me.

And just now Suet Hwei post on her Facebook funny thing on Google Translate. She translated the Malay word 'agar' and you know what she get ? Oh my gosh. I also tried it and I also get the same thing !

LOL ! Facebook ? It actually means ' so that ' . Funny. :D

And last, wish me good luck in exam ! 3 is down, 4 days to go ! Do your best Christine ! ;)


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Christ Photography. ♥ ( part 1 )

Sunshine girl ! :D
( Eh-hem, is sunshine girl who loves to wear specs upside down. xD )

As you know I love photographing so much right ? And it's been a long time I didn't do some photographing. But then last Sunday I'm alone at home, too boring. So I decided to take out my camera ! :D And today is holiday, morning, nothing to do, so my 'photographing illness' was calling me to take out my camera again. HAHAA. :P Took many photos but today I can't upload all of them by today cause you know.. EXAM ! Ishh, I still haven't prepared well yet ! Tomorrow's Science paper 2 is going to kill me ! My godness. :O

So the rest of them I'll upload in Part 2. Wait for me yea. ( *Going to update Part 2 on Friday ! *winks* ) Hehee. Now let us look at the photos. ;)

Pikachu ! Cute ! 

I remember, the time you fetching me with a bicycle, taking me go here and there. 

You're my sunshine. You brighten up my day. 

Christ photography. 

Looking at the flower, it reminds me the time when I'm still with you. :') 

Before I sign out, I would like to give you see my look of the day. xD

Imma crazy daffy and love to act cute girl. :P

Gotta go now. Bye peoples. =)


Monday, May 16, 2011

Mother's Day Celebration.

Woww, I'm finally here for this post. I know you have been waiting for so long and can't wait to read this. :P

And sorry for the late post. I'm busy busy busy for my mid-year exam. Really gonna die for this exam. Not motivated to study at all. Maybe is because I think the PMR exam is the most important exam for form 3 students. So this time's not so important to me. -.-

Back to the story. The week before last week's Saturday (8/5/11) I went Restaurant Oversea @ Sri Petaling to have dinner with my whole family. One of my uncle book a room for the dinner.

*Web photo*
And there is the Restaurant. It is a famous Chinese restaurant in Malaysia. ;)
The restaurant is beautiful and the food is amazing.

I dressed up myself in a flower dress and a little ribbon hair band on my hair. Simple and mature look. :D

We reached there around 8 p.m . It's hard to find a parking over there. So many peoples. And there's someone having their wedding dinner at the restaurant.
The dinner should be served at 8 p.m. but they served at 9 p.m. So late because outside our room someone is having their wedding. So before the dinner served we're all busying taking photos and giving presents to our moms and grandma.

And this, is our room. ;)

I love the white white bowl and white white spoon. :D Looks so beautiful. HAHA.

Practicing photographing. ;)

My "handkerchief" ? Lol. The restaurant provide us this to avoid our clothes dirty.

Our menu. 

And ya, the room provide Karaoke system too.
That's my uncle choosing song to sing. xD

He is the guy he is the guy ! xD He is the guy who is choosing song in the previous photo. LOL.

That's my song ! Nothing's gonna change my love for you. 
I love the lyrics of this song, the rhythm of this song ... I love every thing of this song for no reasons ! 

(* Its kinda hard to catch this shot cause you know.. The lyrics change so fast. So, I'm a professional right ? xD Just joking ) 

This is my cute handsome cousin brother -- Keith . He's 8 years old this year. (:

Mom and me. 

Dad and me. 
We look alike right ? Many peoples said so ! ;)

Me and my dear cousin sister -- Sharyl . ♥ 
I'm 4 years older than her. She's 11 and I'm 15. :)

Side view of me ! xD

Mom gave this to grandma.

Grandpa and grandma. :))

And now it's time to give the Carnation to grandma ! C:

Pretty Carnations brought by mom. 

First, is my brother's turn. Cause he's the eldest.

Look at my mom(standing)'s cute look ! :D

Then, MY TURN ! ;) I'm the second elder.

My cute pose ! LOL ! Just joking. :P

Sharyl's turn now. :))

She actually kissed grandma ! Wooww.
Me and my brother didn't cause we shy. Lol. -,-

Keith's turn woots ! :D
He's cute you know ?? Hahaa.

Look at him ! :D

Then, is my little cousin sister -- Rachel's turn. 

So cute laa !

And finally, my youngest cousin sister -- Renee's turn :)
(You wanna say : 'Wow Christine, you got so many cousin sister!' Right ? :D )

Cute ! 
Everybody said she is just like me when I was young. I mean she and me look alike when I was a kid. :D

After that, I gave the present brought by me and brother to mom. :) She was happy with it and she loves it. 

Mom is opening the present.

This is a present from me. :) 

And this, is a present from me and my brother.
So I actually gave one and a half present for mom ! xD

Mom. ;D

And now, the ultimate prize .. is .. FOOD ! xD Let's see what we ate that day. =)

Damn delicious.

This soup cost us a lot. OMGG.
For me, I'll choose the cheaper ones in order to save money. O.O ( This is just my opinion laa. (: )

What is this ? HAHAA. It's a fish.
It's so freaking fresh and sweet ! Damn loveee. 

Fresh, delicious.

When they ate half plate of this, I only realize I haven't take photo. -,-

This was awesome. 


*This is not all the food we ate cause some of them I forgot to take photo. Sorry. ><

I ate so many and damn full that day. Oh my goshh, I know how to spell F.A.T . >< Fat is coming to me, NOOOOO ! -,-

And after that, it's photo taking time again. And also Karaoke time. :D

Red wine.

I'm holding the glass and took photo. And after taking photo, I drank a little bit and it's bitter. -,-
*My hair looks cool :D

Wooo ! My hair looks straight and long. :D

Me and my kindly grandpa. :D

Me and grandma. ;)
I look so mature in this photo. :P

Sharyl, Me and Keith. 
We're choosing songs. :D

Family shoots. 
*I look fat ! OMFG. ><

Renee. Cute !! 

And lastly,

Me and Sharyl. 
I'm like shorter than her but actually I squat down. xD But she's really a tall girl cause she's only 11 and I just a bit taller than her.

So, finally finished this post ! This post takes my life time to finish it. xD But I'm so happy that I finally finished this post. And now off for a break. Bye peeps ! ;)