Monday, September 12, 2011

Ipoh one day trip - 30/8/10 ♥

Innocent. :P

Yo peoples ! :D A late post again. I'm so sorry. Because of exams, I'm so busy. Busying to revise all those craps. :/ I'll not update my blog that often these days, I promise I'll update often after the exam. :)
I feel so stress. I feel so lifeless. Feeling so stress for the coming PMR exam. I must get good results for it. I have to work really really hard hard hard. I don't want to feel regret after exam anymore. And I don't want my parents to feel disappointed of me. So, I'm forcing myself to study everyday cause I'm so lazy. I really wanna get good results. Really. 
So good luck and all the best to me ! :) And and guys, please force me to study everyday ! xD  (*Currently I'm sick. So pray for me to get well soon cause my uncle's wedding is just around the corner ! :D Oh so can't wait for it.)

Okay back to the story. I went to Ipoh during holiday to relax. Erm, kinda. :D We went there for the FOODssssssssssssssssssss there. HAHAA. You see we're so crazy of the food. We start our journey around 5:30 a.m. We used the GPS to find the places that we wanna go :) Okay now. Pictures time !

We went to 富山点心 to eat their so super delicious dim sum for breakfast :D Really really taste so GOOD !

That's my brother's hand. :D

Mango pudding. ♥

Sunway City - Lost World of Tambun Ipoh. :)

Ahaha this was funny. We stand in front of the car and we noticed that we're looking weird, fat and funny ! :D
So we took photo of it. HAHAA SO FUNNY. :P
*The left is my dad & right is me.

Dad & Mom.

HAHAHA I got shocked because of the huge cat  and its taller than me ! ;D

My brother LOL !

Ignore my ugly look.
I'm a crazy mad girl ! :D

Dad, mom and brother.

I'm a happy little girl in a beautiful garden. HAHAHA :P

I love my hair :D

I don't know what expression is this. @@
我好像很无奈酱 :O

LOL my dad so funny !

Sam Poh Temple :)

I'm looking mature :D

Oh my gosh I'm in the elephant's mouth ! xD

Mom said my brother's pose is like measuring the distance. LOL :D

My model shoots ! ;D

*I look so fat. ;( But my hair looks so cool ! :D

HAHAHA. Never realized I can act like a model ;DD HAHAHA.

My brother and I :D I'm so crazy lol.

This place is so nice :O

OMG the stairs up to so high ! :O So scaryyy.

My gosh look at the stairs ! SO HIGH !

The stairs in the previous photo, goes up to that something like house high up over there.
I didn't go up cause that's so scary. My brother went up ! :O He said up there was dark. OMG.

Okay that's all for this post. Will update more after the PMR exam on 4 October. Wish me luck in the exam. Will start revising from now on. Bye peoples ! ;)

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