Friday, October 28, 2011

Bukit Tinggi with Family :)

The emo looking face. You got sexy emo looking face like mine ? :P
HAHAHAHAH just joking :D

So yeah. I bet you know where I went for when you saw my title. I went Bukit Tinggi with Family on Wednesday (26/10/11) . Its a public holiday so parents didn't work. Parents decided to go there cause we went there when I was 5 ! Wow, time passes so fast, 10 years already :O I don't remember a thing about Bukit Tinggi and I don't even know I went there before. So its a great chance to go there :)

Enough chit-chat :P Let the pictures tell you everything :D Kinda less pictures of me in these photos because I'm the photographer :P

My mom called me to take photo of her while she's climbing up the stairs. LOL!

We're walking up the hill.

Super nice view when walking up the hill ! :O

Dad. He stood up there so dangerous lehh.

We saw pretty flowers while walking!

Finally we reached. Japanese Tea House :)



Dad & Mom

Me and mommy :)

What a romantic lane :D Do go there with your love ones :)

An interesting and beautiful flower !

Little pink rose 

This was interesting. There's two trees there. And it looks like a tree monster. Wow.

Next stop - France village 

This place is super duper nice ! LOOK AT THOSE COLORS :3


My daddy :D He's cute !

Don't look at my face :O Cause the sun was too bright, I can barely open my eyes :/

I'm trying to act like a model, and congratulations to me, I FAILED :D

Dad and Brother. HAHAHAH guess what they're doing :D

Enjoyed french bread and coffee there :) 

The lovely sea horse love me :D

Last but not least,

Emo time :P Haha I just love acting like a emo model :D

You know ? I always wish I can have a Canon DSLR. At Bukit Tinggi, a girl called me help her take photo with her Canon DSLR ! WOW :O ♥ I finally can hold a Canon DSLR oh my gosh I'm so happy ;D Her Canon DSLR is so nice ! ♥ Wonder when am I going to get my own Canon DSLR :( SAVING MONEY NOW :)

Okayy, that's all for this post. Bye peoples ! ;) Do click on my nuffnang ads before you leave, thanks ♥