Monday, October 24, 2011

Its over & I'm back :D

Helloooooooooo my lovely peoplessssss  ! Ahahaha I know you miss me so much :P I'M FINALLY BACK ! :D PMR exam ended about two weeks ago. Sorry about the last post cause I'm too lazy to move :( . Anyway ! I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeee :D After a whole long month of preparing & studying & exam, its finally ended. But I think I'm kinda regret. I didn't do my best ): Maybe I can do better but I didn't prepare well.. So I hope my result will be okay.

This post might be boring cause I'm just gonna craping all about myself these days. So I hope you'll read it all :P FOR THOSE WHO READ IT UNTIL THE END : THANK YOU SO MUCH HAHAHA ;D

HIAKHIAK ;P Ugly picture of me again.

Let's skip the topic of exam. Talking bout my life now xD . SO, life after PMR huh ? Peoples say nothing's better than life after PMR, so enjoy it till the max. But I think my life now is just BORING. .___. Everyday I just eat, sleep, internet, eat, sleep, internet. YES, same as a pig :O. Feeling so fattt FML -.- But luckily next month maybe I'm going to work ! :D Hope so. Its way better than keep staying at home doing nothing & waiting for the result. So lifeless sia. Life is all about adventuring! :P Lol Idk what am I talking about. But you know what am I trying to say right? :b Just trying to say life should not be that boring heeheee  :B .

HAHAHAH this photo is cute :3 Yea its time to update my dead blog. Promise I'll update all those previous things I done last month as soon as possible :) And very soon, A MAKEOVER FOR MY SWEETIE BLOG :D . So stay tuned for my next post and the new blog look ! (:

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