Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Live happily, Come back home, please. :(

I'm Emo. Not exactly. I'm seriously no mood.

2010. What's happens to this year ? Why this year happens so many things that makes me sad ? Why ?
2010. I hate 2010. I shouldn't live for this year. I mean not die. I mean I wish I'm like sleeping beauty this year. I wish I can sleep for one year. Sleep in the whole 2010. Then I'll not be so sad. 2010, just go away 2010 !
2011 , I wish you'll be a good year. Please. Bye bye 2010.

I should tell you all what happens again. Thanks for being my listeners again. Really thanks.

This morning , when I'm reading my novel , my mom suddenly comes in and tell me , my first pet have been caught by those dogs catchers .. My heart like cut by a knife ..
They will kill the dog after they catch it .. Why .. ? Why this happens to my dog ? Why ? :'(
My dog , it's name is dogkey. Doykey, please, please live happily in another world. That's my only hope now.    Please .. ;(

After we know doykey is caught by the "catch dog team" , we realize our another dog is not here.
That's my second pet - Boby. (P/S : Not my dear's "hua ming" Bobbee ><) 
My mom said yesterday she went to buy things it follow her and drop down to the drain .. And then it go another way. My mom thought there's a way to come back up so let it come back by itself .. But she no come back .. My dad go find it everywhere also can't find it ..
Boby ! Where are you ?! You know that I miss you ! Faster come back home ! Please .. Please .. I beg you ...... :'( ...

I don't understand why 2010 is a so worst year ! Why ... ? Why so many things happens to me ? Why ??!
2010, I Hate 2010. Go away please ! ><

Sorry to my blog readers cause maybe I'll not update my blog for the next few days ..
I need silence.

Don't worry about me, I'll not do those crazy things.
I'll be alright soon. Although don't know why.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trip to Penang.

Although I'm so lazy to blogging today, but I'm still here ! Say HURRAY to me ! :D
Okay, start the topic. :)

I went Penang on 25 th Dec. to 26 Dec.
Oh gosh. Penang so many delicious food ! I can't stand for those super delicious food !
We ate many in every meal ! I'm fat now D:

I'm the photographer of the whole trip ! :D
Spot this conversation ! :

Me : aiya gor, this photo you take de you should close a bit take the background blur only nice de ma.
My bro : Use computer edit lah !
Me : Where can de ! Want natural blur only nice de ma ! Neh like this !
Dad : She like a photographer !
Mom : ya larh !
Me : You all say who ?
Mom : Of course you lah !

Teehee. They said I'm like a photographer ! Yay ! :D ♥

We woke up at 3:30 a.m in the morning. Woots ! So early !
Then we went Ipoh of our breakfast (: We reach Penang in 11 something cause my dad goes to the wrong way and cross the Penang bridge two times. Lols.
We went the snake temple. There are so many snakes @@ My parents and my brother some more take the snake and take photo ! Oh my gosh ! My dad call me stand beside only and I said : "Don't want Don't want Don't want !!" xD
I just realize I'm so afraid of snakes @@

After leaving Penang we went Taiping lake and went Ipoh to drink the famous Ipoh White Coffee.
Nice Coffee ever ! 

I did some photoshooting too. I uploaded the photoshooting photos on Facebook and will not upload to here.
So go my Facebook to like ! Thanksssss a lot ! :D  >> Click me !

And I'll not upload all those photo I snap in Penang. I f you want to see all, go my Facebook ! >> Click me ! (:

Okay, let's let the pictures talk now ! (:

Breakfast in Ipoh (: .

Spot my hotel ! :D

Snake temple.

Dad @ Mom

Oh my gosh ! Snake ! @@

Ignore my "sampat-ness" :P

Brother LOLS.

Oh my god I damn yeng ! :D ♥
My brother's smile ruin my beautiful picture xD

I love this :D 

Me and dad. My dad handsome a not ? x)

My aunt xD

Mom . Dad.

They look like model xD

Night view Penang.

Penang street.



Spot my dad ! He's 自拍  -ing ! xD
He saw us 自拍 at the lake there then he learn us xD


Back to Ipoh.

The white coffee and the bread are SO YUMMY ! 

Ok, that's all for today. Hope you enjoy those photos ! :D See ya.