Friday, February 25, 2011

New hair style. ♥

* The picture above is when I haven't cut hair.

Hey creatures ! :) I'm here again. To write about my life and share with you all. xD
A short post for today. Cause there's no any special things happened recently. Huhuu ;( I've nothing to blog D:

Today is Friday ! Oh yeah. Glad everyone know it. xD
Friday is my happiest day ever. Why ? Because the day after Friday is SATURDAY !! :D LOL. I'm crazy today.
Friday I've no any additional things to do. No tuition, no activities at school, no additional tuition at school, and last, EARLY END SCHOOL ! 12:30 can go home. Yeahh. xD

Today I "appear" in school with a different look. Bobbee helps me tie my hair. I never "appear" in school with this look before. xD


I went to cut my hair at the saloon just now. Woah. I should say that the woman who helps me cut my hair is genius ! I love my hair so much now ! Got layer ! 

And let's let the pictures talk. :)

Taadaa ! ;D

Ignore my hand. :/
It's like got problem's hand -.-
Look at my hair ! Got layer :D !

That's how my hair looks when I tie it up.

When I tie it low.

*Ignore my face ! It's fatttttttttttttttttt. )':

Conclusion for the day : I LOVE MY NEW HAIR STYLE ! :D 

Okay, that's all for today. Forgive me because of the short short and SHORT post ):

I'm actually really moody now and my mind is ALL STUCK at there. Can't think of anything to write about. D: . Sorry for that.

Goodnight peoples :) .


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

There's no rules said that short is wrong. (:

*I'm EMO huh ?

Yeaa, I'm seriously is emo recently. And I don't know what had just happened to me ! D: Duhhh.
I often feels no mood with NO REASONS ! ): ARGH. Something wrong happened to me. I think I got to go the mental hospital -.- LOLS.
LOLS ? I still can laugh ! HAHAA. Glad I still can laugh with a bad mood now.

Let's talk about today's story. (:

Today when I'm at outside the toilet with Valerie them, a stupid Indian girl comes behind me and measure my height with her height ! GRRR. Actually she's also not that tall, and she's just one head taller than me ! Really Wtffffffffffff. ><
And she asked me : " You Form what ? " 
* I didn't answer her * Valerie helped me to answer and she said Form 3.
Then the Indian girl said : " Oh what ? Really ?! " * She said this with a shocked expression.*
If she said this with a shocked expression, that's mean she's shocked that I'm already Form 3 and my height is not suit. 

Oh well, it doesn't matter to me. I know I'm short but I just love the way I am ! (: 
"Look at yourself before you say other people !" this is what I want to say to that stupid Indian girl.
It's there any rules said that short is wrong ? No what. Short is not a fault, this is what we call cute ! :D
So, don't cares too much other peoples says you. And don't feel sad because of your height ! We should be proud because we're short, cause this is ourself ! The way we are.

So don't care if anyone says you short ! :) .

I'm short but I'm proud :D .

That's the short post for today. I gotta stop writing until here. Goodnight peoples. =)


Monday, February 21, 2011

6 days 5 nights trip in Sabah. ♥

* Recently me.

Okay, I'm finally here ! First of all, a very SORRY to all my dearest blog readers because of the late Late and LATE update.
Some stupid problems just makes me can't update my blog !
First, because of homework. I've to do all my homework that I didn't go school for a whole week.
Next, because of the Camera ! When I want to update, my camera suddenly no batteries ! GRRRR. And the next day, I forgot to bring the charger >< .
Then, because of the stupid-dupid line problem. This makes me even angry. :@ Every time when I'm trying to update my blog, the line becomes as slow as a snail walking ! Ohmygoddddddddd. Really every time also this problem occurs. Really I want to say WhatdaaaaaFfffff. :@

Because of these stupid problems makes me last Saturday I only post those photos to Facebook. And Sunday I can't online. What theeeeeeee.

Okay that enough for that. Thanks for being my listeners :D .
Let's start my story about the Princess Christine had been missing for 6 days 5 nights. And we found her in Sabah. xD LOLLLL ;DD .

I've a wonderful and perfect trip at there. We all are so happy cause we got together for a nice trip ever. :D
The first thing I got on the plane is "kachak kachak!" xD Taking pictures everywhere ~ xD
I'm in Tawau for the first two days and I went Mabul island for 2 days one night. Woahhh. Mabul island is like the HEAVEN ON EARTH. The island it's so beautiful until I don't know how to describe ! You'll see the pictures of the island down there later. My mom said that the island it's like Hawaii ! ;D 
We went to see fish (on the surface of the sea, not diving but I forgot what that call.) . The fish swan just in front of my eyes ! That kind of feeling is just wonderful ♥ . It's the happiest moment in these 15 years I've live.

After the two days one night at the island, we went back Tawau to eat SEAFOOD and LOCAL FOOD there. Oh my favourite ! EATTTTTT ! :D
Then we went shopping and buying things.

Okay, let's let the pictures talk now. (:

Outside the plane. I love the clouds. Like I'm surrounded by the clouds. :D

Air-asia cheap ticket but the food must paid by ourself. Expensive food @@

Check this out ! Don't know which little kid's hand itchy and draw until the book like this. @@

My uncle. xD

And now that's the chocolate I ate on the plane. With alcohol inside ! :D

Ya, that's me on the plane -.-

Reached Tawau. That's the five puppies at my cousin sister's ( mother side )  house ! CUTEEE !!!

Seaside of Tawau.

Me and cousin sister. ( Father side )

My shadow. ;D

Sitting boat to Mabul island.

Reached Mabul Island.


My room. 

Out side the chalet.

The sea is crystal clear !!

My uncle is ready to dive :D .

Me. :D


That's my eldest cousin sister ( mother's side ) daughter.

Go see fish. :D Where's me ? I swam far far away ler. xD

My dear cousin sister and me.

I'm like a monkey -.-

Dad N Mom.

The whole gang :D . Can you see me ?

Back to Tawau.

A 8 years old kid and a 4 years old kid is talking xD CUTE !

Me playing fireworks. <3

See that ? YUP ! That's a round-about !
If this tiny round-about is at KL, sure many people never see it. xD

xD !!

Tawau's street.

You see.. That time my uncle is sitting on the.. Trolley thingy. And act like those people who have problem one. xD
I laugh like hell that time man ! xD

On the plane and back to KL.
I brought a Ribena and take out my Portable DVD player to watch movie (:
Bye Sabah ~ I've a nice and wonderful trip there. I'll go there again if I've another chance ! =)

So that's my wonderful trip. Enjoy ~ =)
* That's not all the photo I take in Sabah. If you want to see all the photos, you can go my Facebook (:  :

Hope you enjoy reading my post ! (= Have a nice day everyone :) .
It's late night now. I gotta off now. Buaiiiiisss (: .