Sunday, July 24, 2011

Carnival Day :)

Hiak hiak Act cute me ! :D

Hihi my lovely readers Thanks for checking out my blog again and never give up on me :D Cause its been so long I didn't update my blog. Really really thanks my dear readers for believing me will update again xD Love ya all And sorry for the late update too. Recently I'm busying doing revision for my PMR trial exam. So so so many exams are coming ! I've to keep on hardworking and fight for flying colours :D Wish me luck okay Hehee ;DD

Back to the story ! Yesterday my school held a carnival. Lots of lots of activities and foods ! There are games like paintball and haunted house. Delicious food and cute rabbit farm and many many more ! Had lots of fun yesterday ! I reached there about 8 something and back at 1:30p.m . Too bad can't watch the superstar competition cause it start at 2p.m . But my brother was still there until the carnival ends, so he recorded the videos and took some photos of the superstar competition. It was awesome ! Erm, I mean the whole carnival was awesome ! ♥ HAHA.

Let the pictures do the talking ! :)

Carnival ! 

First me and my friends went to the rabbit farm :D

 Me and a cute rabbit ! Hahaaha, I got a sweet smile xD
**p/s : Why is the yellow shirt little girl looking at my camera ? xP

Hahaa. My cute friend ThouJean 

My cute ruirui :D

 Me, Leanne and WenYi :D
*Ignore my stupid retarded face ><

Cute rabbit 

LOL !!

We saw this flying around and around our school ! Looks so FUN !

After that, we went to play paintball :)


I look cool :D But I just simply shoot xD

This is ThouJean ;D

Then we went to the haunted house - Chambers of Horror ;DD We brought the normal ticket and queue for about 1 hour ! If I know this early I'll buy the VIP ticket, RM10 and can straight away go in. No need to wait. But its nothing :)

See ? So many peoples and peoples queue until downstairs ! :O

Its actually not that scary but don't know why I scream from the beginning until the end xD Maybe I scare those 'ghost' touch me LOL. But I got shock a bit when the ghost suddenly come out and scare me xD

Our ticket :)

My leg hit something when I'm in the haunted house, and my shoe come off. I keep saying : 'My shoe my shoe !! ' 'Then the 'ghost' took my shoe up for me and said : 'Never mind never mind just walk ~' xD LOL ! Damn funny ! :DD HAD LOTS OF FUN IN THE HAUNTED HOUSE !  When we came out from the haunted house, we laugh laugh and laugh :D ThouJean said she no scream at all and didn't got shock ! OMG she's so BRAVE !

The ghost in the haunted house and me ! :O xD
**Ignore my damn face. =0=

Later on, we went to buy something to eat and walk around the whole school. I actually spent almost all of my money for buying food ! Ohhh I'm a hungry girl :D

Mine and JiaEn's 'Boiled tea eggs' which called '茶叶蛋' in Chinese :D

Me and ShunEe, my long time no see best friend ! 

Me and ThouJean 

Okayy, that's all for today. Goodnight peoples 

Love ya 


Friday, July 8, 2011


The drawing me ! HAHAA :P

Hello my lovely peoples ! :)  I know you miss me :P Hahaa. And oh ya, I'm sorry that I've been so long didn't touch this dusty blog. It is become more dusty and dusty, almost covered by spider webs. So here, I'm here to do some clean up ! Hehe :D

Recently, all my mind is thinking about the PMR trial exam. In AUGUST. So near. Just around the corner. After the trials, its time to face the PMR exam. Idk how I gonna to face a bunch of exam. So stress. Its already so long I step in Form 3 life, but I haven't done anything for my studies lately. Ahhhh. Feel so stress. I wanna say, its hard to call myself to study if my soul doesn't feel like studying. -.- Lol seriously. I don't feel like studying at all this year ! And now its already JULY ! Really got to put some efforts on my studies.

These days I feel like I'm losing patience and confidence again. Kinda like losing myself. Oh gosh, what is happening to me ? A twitter friend told me, 'only girl with patience and confidence wins.' But I really really don't know where are my patience and confidence had gone. No any confidence in studying. That's why I don't know how I gonna to answer the questions in exam. July, its the month for me to start my revisions. I gonna make sure myself will not attract my the handsome computer. LOL. Wish me luck buddies ! :) I know I can do it and get flying colours in exam. Nah, my confidence is back again ? I think so :D

Parents went to school to take my report book today. My result is like, SHIT. Very poor result :( . Teacher told my mom sometimes I not concentrate in class. Oh lol, luckily she didn't tell my mom I didn't bring exercise books to school sometimes.
Looking back my results from Form 1 until now Form 3, I realized my results was like walking in a straight line. Not much improvement and sometimes worst than previous exam. :/ I really got to tidy my playing mode and get into study mode. 'Christine ! PMR trials and PMR exam is coming ! Stop siting in front of the computer everyday and doing nothing !' I tell myself :) . I'm taking my books out from now on and start revising. Good luck to me ! :D

Last but not least, a funny picture of me ! :D

Hahaha ! Don't ask me why I edit my photo like this :P Cause I did this just for fun :D 
Yea obviously, I'm too bored =P

Night peoples ;) Peace v^^v.