Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bonjour ~

Will update as soon as possible. Busy shopping for CNY and later want go out again. Sorry for that.

* I'm tired to finding nice and simple blog template. GRRR. Any suggestion ? Or who can teach me how to design template by myself ? I'm noob in using blogger I know ;( Haih ! Help anyone ?? D: *

Friday, January 28, 2011

Procrastination is the thief of time.

Don't make me fall in love with you ! xD
Say.. I also have a hot style what ~ xD jks. I'm ugly but I just love the style of this picture. You can ignore my face :PP.

See my title ? Procrastination is the thief of time.
Procrastination means like delaying work. The meaning of this sentence advises us not to delaying doing what should done.
I learned this sentence yesterday when tuition. And I love this sentence so I put as my title :) .

I'm alone at home now. Cause today I call my bus uncle straight away fetch me go home not grandma's home.
Now I'm enjoying my freedoooommmm ! ;DD . I just want to enjoy my life with my own.
I just gotta sit in front of the computer and listening to the soft piano sound and writing my blog to release my feelings. Its very enjoy lahh. And nobody's at home too. Owh ! Relaxxxx. This is what the word LIFE means to me. ;D
I do what I want.

This is what I eat for lunch just now for the first time I straight away back my own home ;D . I prepared it on my own. HAHAA.

Hahahha ! Maggi mee + Fried egg + junk food ! ;D I know that's not healthy but I feeling like eating not healthy today xD .
And I'm proud to say the egg I fried is still so yummy although I've been a long time never fried egg xD jks.
I heard what you said. You said : "Such a nice lunch." Right ? I know it x)


Okay larh. I know you've been waiting this for long. Let's start my story for the week before it's too late xD .

It's just an ordinary week I had. I don't know is it nothing special happens or I forgot the special things -.-
So I just gonna write what I remember. Sorry ):

School keep changing the time of changing class and I felt unhappy with it. They keep changing time when I gotta pass up my letter for applying change class. I want to change to Kempasssssssssss ! I couldn't wait anymore or else I'll die because of stuck in that stupid boring class. 
Haih. My life sucks in these few weeks. No friend no life ! How I gotta survive ? I hate lonely.

Today school finally changed the class. Okay, I should say I'm still boring although I got Kar Yee , Valerie and Suk Ying all them with me. But I've not many things to talk with them. Just sometimes talking something about the class ): I wish I can have more to talk with them. I'll try anyway :)
Anyway today quite lucky because today is the first day of change class and those teachers some didn't come in the class and some just come in to sit and didn't teach.
I'm a good girl but I'm naughty sometimes too :D . I run out of the class if the teacher is not teaching. And I go find my dear Bobbee to chat ;D .
But when I back into class I feel kinda boring. Haih. So I really seriously want to apply change class ! ( I know I've say this a thousand times xD ) I'm giving up the letter of applying change class after Chinese New Year. Wish me good luck (: .


Ouch.. ! My arm almost can't move and only my fingers can move now ! Goshhhhh.
What happens ? Because of the WUSHU training this Wednesday. The coach call us pumping 30 times at the first but we didn't count ( how many times we have pumping ) out loudly so the coach keep repeating the same numbers and I think we've almost pumping for 60 times ! If no 60 times I think also got 50 something.
Now the 'lucky' thing happens to me. See this !

The blacken side of the image up there is where is arm pain ! Ouch ;( ..

I'm like the man of the image above. When I curve up my arm, it's soooooo PAIN !

Ouchhhhhhhhhh ! Who can help me ? It's freaking pain. Seriously ! T.T ..


On Sunday my family gotta bring my grandparents to choose Chinese New Year new clothes.
Well, I gonna buy a shirt for my mom and dad cause they've brought many clothes for me !
They used so many money because of my clothes but they just brought one or two for themselves.
I feel sorry about that. I brought so many new clothes and used their money but they didn't buy many clothes for themselves.

Well, lols I know I'm a good girl. I'll tell them I want go walk by myself and I secretly go buy clothes for them.
Then I'll give a surprise for them. Hope they'll like it and hope they'll understand what I mean for this.
I just want to do something for them because they've do many things for me. :) This is how a daughter should be.
I love my parents although sometimes they did something I don't like.


Okay, that's all for today. Stay tuned to check out my new post anytime :) . Thankssss.
Bye ~


Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Great Day.

Hey my blog readers ! ^^ I'm here again :) Miss me ? Say YES. xD
Will write less today cause is almost time to sleep. Tomorrow Monday again.. D:

22 Jan 2011.
Merentas Desa day.

Merentas Desa. I no go. xD You knew it :P
I went school but is only to take Bobbee to my house. It's fun LOL. xD

I reached school around 7 a.m and we walk to 7-eleven cause Bobbee want to eat maggi mee.
Then we go wait bus. The bus so damn freaking long only come -.- Wait until I angry. xD

We reached my home and Bobbee played piano for me. :D I use to play violin for her but my violin is at my grandma's house. Sorry Bobbee ):

See my Bobbee's beautiful hand ! xD

We just keep playing computer and Bobbee keep playing my bears ! xD

Around 10:30 we want go out and go ioi but my neighbor is outside ! Ohmygoshhh.
I'm freaking scare that time cause I scare they thought me run away from school.
So we walk back door. But my neighbor also there -.- She go in awhile and come out awhile. -.-
So we just quickly open the door and quickly run out then quickly lock the door.
Luckily she didn't saw me. If not I'll die =X

Then we went ioi. But I just bring 4 ringgit lols. Can't buy things ):
You know.. If I go a shopping center and didn't buy anything I'll not happy xD So I borrow some from Bobbee. I brought a DOMO wallet thingy (Up there the picture) and Jay Chou's poster.

Just an ordinary day. But I have a great day with Bobbee (: .


23 Jan 2011.

This morning I'm at grandma's house an helping my grandma preparing Chinese New Year things.
Me and my cousins making things using angpau.

My cousin sister accidentally made a fish with whole ! HAHA !


*At fitting room. :D

I went shopping to buy CNY clothes. I really shopping like crazy. Seriously. HAHA.
So let's see what I brought. (:

* The skirt.
I love the style of the skirt (: .

I love the flower pattern on this jeans.

Okayss. Time for bed now. Sorry for this short post ;( I'll update a long long post if I can online. :)
Goodnight world. Sweet dreams (:

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Good Girl.

Feeling a little bit emo. Snapped in this afternoon when I'm back from school :P .
I know that's a super ugly picture. But I just love the style laa. HAHA.

A short post for today.
Sorry for that cause these days just boring days. Nothing special happens instead of those unlucky and bad things D:
Haih. But let's don't think bout that first laa. I can't keep thinking and wondering why those things keep happening right ?
Yeaa. So I'm trying to forget the past. Tomorrow is a new day. Everything will be all right :) .
I just trust everything will be all right cause I don't want my life to be unhappy. Cause I'm Christine Cheng ! :D


Let's talk bout yesterday now.
Yesterday was a public holiday so no school. I'm not sure is it a public holiday laa. Just guessing. xD
I did nothing yesterday cause I feel unmotivated at all. LOLS. I should say, LAZY. xD
But I've been a good girl yesterday. Let me say.. although yesterday is holiday but I still take out my revision books to do revision.
Lol. Shocked right ? HAHA. I have no idea why I suddenly take out my revision books and just sit there and read.
Maybe is because I'm gonna have PMR this year ? Maybe. x)

HAHAA. I've nothing to say bout that. Just do revision and it's good for me x)


Tomorrow school have replacement class and have Merentas Desa.
But I'm lazy to run cause I just lazy to run xD And I know I'm not intend to winning too. Cause you know .. I run sooooooo slow. HAHAA. But I'm not running if I got go. I'm just walking. xD
So I not gonna go school and I'll take my babe Bobbee come my home xD
Quite excited lols. She first time come my house. Hmmp, how will she think when she saw my messy room ? xD
I'm just waiting for tomorrow and see how will she think xD.

Time to sleep now. Buaiiisss Good night. Sweet dreams (: .


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I write what I think :PP .

Heyy my dearrrr blog readers ! It's me Christine again :D 
I'm here to blogging blogging blogging ! xD

So I'll start my story now. Open our ears as big as you can and listen carefully to my story ! :PP.

School reshuffle the class again. I not quite happy cause I'm still in that boring class :/ .
Gosh. I really want to change class. And this time class reshuffle I feel them not fair at all.
It's not because I didn't get the class I want to go in to. Is because my babes results so good why they drop class ? UNFAIR ! ><
The teacher said every class now is same standard == Where got same standard I saw most of the first class students also no change.
They simply arrange the class this time >< GRRRR. Really angry with the class arrangement >< Haih !

So I decided to change class. Oh , not decided. Is really want.
I can't stuck in that boring class or else I'll become a nerd and keep reading books books books then I'll become crazy someday.
And Monday my brother help me write the letter to apply change class , write until we argue -.-
Haih I don't want to think that again cause every time we argue my parents also scold me first.
Well, I can't control them so I just quite and think they're just singing when they scold me.
Duh , I cried when they scold me ><

I just want to go to the class I want ! Where I belongs ! xD jks.


I joined the drama group in the chinese club.
Kinda shame cause I acted like a crazy >< Oh gosh.


This year really a not good year for me. REALLY NOT GOOD !
Why like this ? Why so many things happens to me ? Why ? GRRRR.
Things keep happens one after another >< I'm tired and I'm dying if those things keep happens again !
I can't say what happens cause that's kinda like private thing.

Haih. If I really got super powers so good. I can control every thing in my whole long life !
But I couldn't. Every thing just happens like rushing to me. Everything happens to me !
Everyone is enjoying their wonderful new year and I'm no mood.
I want to find a place that no one can see me and cry out loud an release everything !

Dear time , please stop ! I'm tired ! I just need a rest ;(
I should go to the temple and pray for myself. I don't want so many things happens to me !
Am I've been bad last year ? Why things keep happens to me over and over again ?!
Hope you all understand my mood now. I'm seriously have a bad bad bad mood now. HAIH ! ;(

I just want to be an ordinary girl and I just want my life to be as simple as possible and happy ! Please ;( .


Sunday, January 16, 2011

My life 2011 [Part 2] + Shop for CNY clothes !

* My phone with ribbon ! xD ( p/s : This photo not really clear cause use my mom's phone to snap *3.2 megapixel* )

Owh. Hi again my blog readers (: .
I want to say blogging is my most happy an enjoyable thing in my life.
I love to share things and I can write whatever I like. I wish I can spent more time for blogging but now I can't ;( Sorry for these days my blog readers.. ): I will less blogging these days.. Sorry.. ):
I'll give you the best passage ever once I have chance to online. I promise.
I said I hate 2010 but I actually love 2010 D: I want to go back 2010 ! T.T

Well, my brother will start his collage life on March. Maybe I can call him fetch me go back home every night. :D
So I can online ! And write my blog ! ;DD I wish March will come faster.
Haih. The old story again. I wish I can go back my own home everyday after school instead of my grandma's house !
I know. Grandma's house is good but I love my own home. ;( Aih. But I know my wish will never ever come true unless I'm 18 .. Haih again ! :'( I want online everyday... ! ;((

I can say my 2011 life is terrible. I don't want my life to be like this. I WANT MY OWN LIFE ! ;(
Now my class is as noisy as the supermarket >< So I really want to change class !
If I don't change class, I think I'll be a spoiled bread soon. Seriously. ):
Mom is gonna write letter and go school to apply change class. Hope I can success. I gotta pray for it. Ami to fo. Buddha bless me.

Yup, I'm form 3 now. I have tuition at school. And now the kokurikulum I have no time to eat ! Just halp an hour ! Oh my gosh gosh gosh. How I gotta eat eat eat ?? D: D: D:
Last Wednesday I have wushu and just after I eat then go back school to have wushu class.
The first warm up is run 5 rounds. And when I just finished the first round my stomach started to PAIN. Ouch T^T Then the rest 4 rounds I use walk. -.- No choice. My stomach ! Ouch ! ;(

Someday at last week, my school got spot check. The prefect call me go out because of my NAILS and name tag ! ><
Oh my my ! My nails is so damn freaking short she say my nails long ! Oh bitch this stupid fcukin prefect !
She want me pull my whole nail out isn't she ? If she want then I'll pull out and she sure scare until run away 100km with 1000000000000km/h >< She better use her mind to think before she say me nails long. ARGHH.


Move to the next topic ! :D
Today I went 1U with parents to buy Chinese New Year's clothes. But today kinda less clothes I brought.
Ohoh nono. Is not kinda. Is really ! D: I only brought 2 clothes but I love them. I'll keep crazy shopping next Sunday ;DD

Check out my babe I brought today ! :))

Ohoh !! My lovely "floweryy" dress ! xD  

This also my babe ;DD
It's look like normal but actually when you wear it up is a perfect shirt :)

Okay, that's all for today. I'll update my blog whenever I can online.
Promise ! (: So stay in touch with me ya =)
Bye ~ Good night. Sweet dreams. (:  


Saturday, January 15, 2011

My life 2011.

Hey my dearest blog readers ! :)
Sorry again I can't update my blog cause I really can't online during study days ): This morning also can't online cause at my uncle's house. You know.. My laptop been steal by thief and have no laptop to bring to my uncle's house..
Haih. I really sorry to my blog readers cause I only can update two or three posts a week D: Haih. I quite hate my life now..

I really hope I can go back my own home after school and not my grandma's house. Cause my home is always the most comfortable place for me.
My home got everything I need. It's relax at home.
And can online with computer at home too !
Haih. But really can't. Cause no people at home. My parents also don't let me alone at home..

I don't like my this year's life.. Everything like totally different.. My life like turned 360 degrees. I don't like this feeling.. ): Really miss my form 2 life. I wish I can control everything in my life. But I can't..
Haih. I also don't know what to do..

I just want to be happy. Can I ? ;(

**will update more tomorrow. Stay tuned ya :)


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Recently me.

Orh that picture is recently. I know its ugly larr :PP But like this good mah NATURE :D 

Ohoh !! I know what you think. You're thinking why I update my blog so lately right ?
Owh that's a quite long story /.\
Not really also. Just school reopens I can't online everyday. Cause everyday after school I also go my grandma's house and there's no computer and modem. And my parents quite late come back also ;(
If I no wrong I maybe just can online two or three days a week ! OMG. I'm dying D:


So school reopens. I'm boring in class cause you know.. If you're my blog "long life time fans" then you should know :P
For those who just visit my blog, ok I'll tell the story again.
My class now has no any single chinese girl I know well only one I know her a bit only so not much to talk.
That's why I'm BORING ! >< My friends all go other class already.. I think I should try change class. I actually hate my life now :O ..
Me and Bobbee decided to write down everything we think in every moment in a book and exchange everyday so we know what each other think everyday although we're not in the same class. Good idea huh x).

I should say my first week of 2011 is already B.A.D. Guess 2011 is not a good year for me :(
Just the first week of 2011 then there're so many things happen .. Haih, haih and Haih !
I should go to the temple and pray someday cause I don't want my 2011 is a b.a.d year.
I want say out all the things happens on my first week of 2011 cause I really want to release everything if not a bunch of things is stuck in my heart and that feeling is BAD BAD BAD ! ><

Ok first I'm so boring in class I'm dying and Imma become a nerd ! Gosh !
And then my IC is missing ish ish ish ! >< This week gonna go do new one. My mom scold me for that ..
Then my laptop been steal by thief ish ish ish !!! ><
Then my best friend told me something I really don't want it to be real ... I think I can't tell what is it at there. Sorry for that.

Wow wow wow ! Why so many things happens to me just the first week of 2011 !
Haiz ! Really hope after this will be no any bad things happens to me again ! NO !
I'm tired , I really tired for it ! Give me a rest ! Stop the time ! And give me a rest please ...

I know I should appreciate my life but I really feel my life is sucks now ):
Haih. I have super power and I can control everything and I can get everything I want ;(
But it's just my thinking it will NOT BE REAL.


Tomorrow is Monday again. I don't want Monday comeeeeeee ):
Haih. Monday comes that's means I have to start the boring week again.
I wish I can stay on weekend forever and Monday will not come.

Monday - :(
Tuesday - still :(
Wednesday - :/
Thursday - /.\
Friday - :D !
Saturday - :D =) :P :DDD !!
Sunday morning - :)
Sunday night - :( want Monday again ..

Haih. I don't want to go school .. ;(
But I have to. So no choice. I'll just listen to teacher and study smart and work hard for this year !
The killer PMR is coming cause I've been caught by the killer and his name is ' Form 3 life ' ! xD
Say GAMBATEH to me ! Yeah. (:


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy new year ^^ Sorry for the late update !


I look happy in this photo right ? Yea, I think clearly these days. I shouldn't like this for everyday.
So, say cheeessseeeeeee ! SMILE WITH ME ! :D
My uncle went those dog catchers there gave them RM80 to buy back Dogkey.
I'm happy for that. Luckily it no any hurt by anyone. Thanks Buddha.
Boby .. It haven't come back .. Someday in last week, a man come my dad's shop and told us he saw Boby in the drain and wanna to save it up. But .. there were a heavy rain that day ..
He said Boby been rush away by water ... Why ? Why ?
All I wish for now is someone saw Boby and save it up and keep her ..
Hope it will live happily now. Please. This is what I wish for now.
I found a picture of Boby snap by me on my dad's phone yesterday.
Feel like wanna cry again when I saw it's picture ;( But I'll be strong. If it know I cry, it also will sad. So, I want to be strong. No, I HAVE to be strong.
I dreamed Boby come back home by itself yesterday. It's really real. Really real. But it's not ..
I know. I know. I have to be strong. I will :) .

I went Sunway to countdown for new year. Sunway is beautiful. But seriously, the fireworks not very nice .. It's only normal fireworks. Not like others have other shape.

Happy new year 2011 everyone ! May all your new year wish come true ! An have a blessed and wonderful new year (:


Went Midvalley today. LOL this photo is capture in Midvalley's toilet bowl infront got a mirror there xD
HAHAA. You may laugh xD

Mom buying ice-cream for us ! :D
Just simply walk in Midvalley.
Didn't buy anything cause I really poor now ! No money already @@ Thanks to me so love to shopping everyday buying things. LOL xD

Tomorrow school reopens .. :( Really don't feel like going school .. Haih ! T.T

Ok so .. That's all for today (: Bye ~