Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fake smile.

Fake smile. Currently in a bad mood. Haih, I really don't know how to say it.
This feeling is bad Bad BAD. But I can't control myself. :(

Monday, March 28, 2011

My puppy - Cookie (Part 1)

The only one.
*I give you a super mature me. Do you think so ? :D*

Currently I'm busy. So I'll just update part one, sorry for that. Tomorrow I have a English oral test and have to prepare it. It's like a drama thing. So nervous, I'm scare I already memorize it but when perform that time I can't remember a word. :/ Good luck to me.

So let's start our story. This part is Cookie introduce itself ! Let the pictures talk now. ;)

He's saying HI to you ! :D

That's he's hobby. xD

So that's my dear puppy ! Cute ? Say YES ! :D You say yes then Cookie will be happy. ;PP
I'll update Part 2 tomorrow if possible. Stay tuned ! :)
Night peoples. (:


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Turn off the lights, save the earth.

An upside down photo for you ! :D
*I saw my hair colour. O,O* xD

I know what you're thinking now :P You're thinking why I'm not blogging about my puppy right ? See I'm clever. ;PP Okayy lahh, I'll tell you the thruth. xD
Well, yesterday I'm about to blog bout my puppy and I'm sending those photos to the desktop using the USB Bluetooth. It's all about the USB Bluetooth's problem! Grrrr, it costs my lifetime to send those photos to the desktop!
I spent 1 hour to send those photos! Keep connection failed and connection failed. wtffff. ><
Then after I finished sending those photos, it's already late night. So I can't blog.
Today I can't blog about it too cause I'm at my uncle's place for the whole day. My laptop don't have the photo editor. :(( Sorry my blog readers, maybe I'll blog about that on Monday. :) 


Kay let's start my story now.
Yaa, I'm going to talk about this again. Save the earth. That day my parents keep saying what "2012 don't know the world is going to end anot." We can't control the and stop the thing when it's happening."
Ahhh, actually I'm not really believe in 2012 and so I'm not that scare. Then after I heared what my parents saying, I suddenly feel soooooooooo scared !
Ohmygoshhh, I don't want to die so fast ! I have lot of things that I haven't done ! And there are lot of things I haven't experienced ! D:

So come on, we can do this ! Think about ourselves, think about our future generations. Then you'll realize that how important recycle is.
Use recycle bags when you're going shopping instead of pastic bags. Take our own container when you're buying take away food instead of using Styrofoam containers. As we know Styrofoam is harmful to the environment as it is non-biodegradable. Increasing oil prices and worsening congestion make it all worthwhile to carpool. Then, all of us should learn to conserve energy. And last, it is always important to stop wasting water.
Save mother nature - Save the earth - Save our home sweet home.

And you know what day today is ?

Yup, it's earth hour !

Turn off the lights from 8:30pm to 9:30pm


Together let's save our Earth. 

Don't let the Earth falling sick.

You can have a candle dinner night with your love ones. ;)

Let's join Earth Hour. :) 


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Opps ! Sorry, is so dark. Cause I don't want you see my ugly face. :P
Hey peoplesss ! I'm back ! :) Sorry for the late post cause of my line's problem.

So let's go back to my weekend. Sunday ! :D

Me and my family went to eat breakfast at a coffee shop and we saw a HUGE dog on a truck !
Really, really HUGE ! :O It scares me when I walk near the truck. Hiuuu. -.-
It's like it's very hot and keep breathing hardly. And it's saliva all comes out ! xD *I know I'm disgusting ;P*
But it's kinda cute :D . It's surrounded by peoples and it's like a super star. All the peoples is taking pictures of it ! Woahhh :O

Okay okay, I know what you think ! You can't wait to see it's picture right ? Am I right ? LOL ;PP .
Now here is it ! ;) Taadaa ~
This picture is kinda blur cause I zoom in. I'm don't dare to go near it cause it's really HUGE !
It's even bigger than in this photo.

After that we went Giant to buy some stuff. Then we went IOI to have McDonalds. :D
We got McDonald's RM50 voucher so we have a free lunch ! Woohooo. ;D
The voucher. :D
The delicious food. C=

Let's move to another topic. Let's talk about the recently me. ;)

School reopens three days since Monday and I'm still in holiday mood. Gosh, I've turn into a fat and lazy pig ! :(
Teachers giving back exam papers and I'm not so happy with it. Haih, I shouldn't study at the last minute.
And my biggest mistake is - CARELESS. Ishhh, I hate myself so much for this ! Just the carelessness makes my marks gone ! Wtffffff. :/
So admire those peoples who got good results always. Why they can be so clever but I'm not ? I'm stupidddd.

Haih, the only thing I can do now is work hard and hard. Next time I'll make an all-out effort for my exam.
Especially PMR. Say gambateh to me ! ;)

Okay that's all for today. Next post I'll be writing about my puppy - Cookie. Remember him ? He's my cutesttttttt thing in my life and he's who I love the mosttttt. :D So stay tuned for my dear Cookie. Bye ! :)

Now I'll give you see one of his picture. (=

Cookie is ready to say hi to you ! Stay tuned. :D

Friday, March 18, 2011

Untitled post. xD

Yea yea, it's funny. But I heart this picture cause I look so white. :D

A short post for today. My mind is blank now and I can't figure out what to blog. *Sob ;( *

Spot that ? YESHH, I finally changed my blog background, and those fonts ! :D
I'm happy with it, cause it's beautiful ! ;D Do you feel so ? SAY YES ! xD

A boring day again. That's why my post's title is "Untitled post" . Can't figure out what title should I write for this boringggggg day. lolwth -.-
Mom's scolding me for online-ing too long yesterday so this morning I act like a good girl. I'm doing my homework ! xD Actually is not acting laa, I really want to do my homework or else I'll die when school reopens.
I really don't know why my mom scold me cause I'm just online for about two hours. =X Perhaps in my mom's heart I'm still a kid.

Okayy let's go back to the main topic.

This stupid thing cost me one and a half hour ! My backbone is like already broken when I'm done with it. And my hands is in pain when I finished it.

But I'm happy with my work. Beautiful ? Tell me you say YES ! :D
Only hard work can get success. :)

Okay that's all for today's short post. Sorry my blog readers cause I really can't think of anything to blog about.
Bye peoples ~ (:


Thursday, March 17, 2011

My love, My ♥ , My favorite. :D

I can see my hair colour ! Do you ? :D

Yesterday I went dinner at XO Shabu-shabu @ IOI Boulevard with one of my uncle and grandparents.
The food there is damn yummy ! And the soup got four types to choose. The soup is damn yummy ! I ate a lot !
This time I got to go XO Shabu-shabu to have dinner, I have to thanks my grandma. Cause I really want to go there but I feel embarrassed to tell my uncle.
My uncle ask us where we want to have dinner and my grandma said she feels like want to eat at XO 
I'm damn happy when I heard that ! :D

Let's let the pictures talk. ;)

Delicious, yummy and fresh ingredients at there. ;)

I eat like a hungry beggar ! Cause it's so delicious ! :D

After that, we have a walk around IOI Boulevard cause we're too full. 
Grandma spot a beautiful fountain and she pull me over there to take picture. xD

Oh mymy ~ Ignore my face please. :O
But my hair looks so long in this picture. :D
ME LIKEY ! ♥ x)

So that's all for today. Bye peeps ;)

My love, My ♥ , My favorite - XO Shabu-shabu. :D

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The very first time.

The way I live. :D

Heyyy creatures ! It's me, Christine again. (:

I found a touching video on Facebook yesterday. It's really touch, touch, and TOUCH !
The very first time I cried out when watching a video ! I watched it for two times and I cried two times. ;(

It's actually a little part from a Japanese movie name " A Tale Of Mari And Three Puppies. "
The Chinese name of the movie is " 心動奇蹟:瑪莉與3隻小狗的故事 " And the Japanese name is " マリと子犬の物語 "
You can try to search it on the web. :) I'm gonna download the whole movie and I'm pretty sure it's a nice movie.
The dog is so brave and it want to save it's owner no matter what ! So touchhh. I think I'm gonna prepare a whole big box of tissue before I watch it. :D

Here's the video. :)


So, holiday starts. How you spend your holiday ? (:
I think I'm gonna stay at home for the whole long week of holidays. :( Parents have to work so we didn't go anywhere for holidays. Can't outing with friends cause last time I go out without asking parents. D:
Mom, Dad , I'm sorry. I know I'm immature. ):

Guess is a BORING BORING and BORING holiday to me. :/


Monday, March 14, 2011

Possibilities are endless.

Be green. The possibilities are endless.

I'm writing blog now and it's raining heavily outside.

Earthquake, Tsunami.. More and more natural disasters happening. The weather became hotter and hotter, and sometimes it suddenly rains heavily. The climate changed. The air, water and the land had been polluted.
Some peoples even said that the world is gonna end. Horrible, scary. :(

Why will this happens ? Who made this happens ? What are the reasons that lead this happens ?
Yes, humans. Humans made this. Humans made all this.
Humans did things that can pollute the environment. Humans cut down the trees. Humans destroy the natural ecology. Humans makes mother nature sick.

Mother nature is falling sick now, so be green ! Stop hurting the earth !
This is our only home, our home sweet home. LOVE IT, LOVE THE EARTH ! There's no another place we can live except Earth. So please don't do anything which can destroy mother nature.
We want our younger generations to live better, don't you ? So be green now, Reduce Reuse Recycle. :D

Possibilities are endless. We're the only one who can save the earth ! Together let's save the earth, love the earth. Earth - The place where allow us to live. Let's pray for the earth.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Pray for Japan, Pray for the earth.

I pray, pray for the earth.

An 8.9 earthquake had happened in Japan. The serious earthquake and tsunami had destroyed Japan. This made Japan loss many. Peoples injured and some lost their families.
Tsunami Alert for New Zealand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, and others. Waves expected over the next few hours, caused by 8.9 earthquake in Japan.
The tsunami caused by the earthquake in Japan just now will be arrived Sabah area between 6pm to 12am.

News are coming out on TV, newspapers. I feel distressed when I saw the news. I feel like crying. :'(

Many peoples can't eat and sleep well now. I felt sorry for them cause I can't do anything for all those who affected by the natural disasters.
I only can say : "God bless Japan, god bless earth." :( Let's pray for Japan, Pray for the earth, Pray for everyone in this world. Hoping that everyone in this world are fine. And hoping these things will not happens again. :(

God bless Japan, God bless earth, God bless everyone. ;(  I pray.


Freedom. :D

I'm damn ugly in this photo but I love it with no reasons. :D

Hear BIG BANG's song ? YUP ! I'm so in love with BIG BANG's newest album so I changed my blog's song to BIG BANG's song. :D

Freedom ? FREEDOM ! Yup, I got my freedom in my hand, I'll hold it tight and never let it go. xD
Exams finally ends on Wednesday. Damn freaking happy that time ! I'm like the bird that escape from the cage ! Or the dog that untied. Or the.. the.. the human that had finished exams ! :D

Three days of exams makes me dizzy ! Some of those questions that appear in front of my eyes really kills me !
I think I'm dead for the exam this time. I studied at the last minute 'lazyness' and I keep dragging on my work and time for revision. I seriously doing wrong time time. I shouldn't keep procrastinate my work and do it at the last minute.
I always say PROCRASTINATION IS THE THIEF OF TIME. I knew it but I still keep delaying my work and waste all the time. :(

Haih ! I think I should put a dead line for myself. Keep doing nothing instead of studying will ruin my future.
I'll promise myself to do the right thing at the right time. Not wasting time. :)

Now, forget about everything ! The exam is end and I could never change anything. Just take it easy. I'll do better next time ! I PROMISE I'll make an all-out effort .
The holiday starts tomorrow and I promise myself not to waste my time during the holiday. :)
Enjoying my freedom and do my revision ! Gambateh Christine ! ;D


Monday, March 7, 2011

Day before exam. + First day exam.

06/03/2011 - Day before exam.

Look of the day.
Got a bit like lala mui D:

Say, the day before exam I still went Midvalley with family ! Hahahahah. No need to study ? I study at school in the next morning. -.- LOLS.
The main reason is we want go PC FAIR. LOLLL. Almost every time PC FAIR we also go. Maybe we loveee computer and IT very muchieeee ? MAYBE. xD
We walk there about 7 hours ! *Of course we got rest and eat and go toilet laa. xD* My leg is like broken after the walk. Ouch ! T.T
But we went back home happily cause we brought everything we want. I felt sorry to my parent's wallet. Mom dad, sorry for wanting you spent so many in one day ! D:

Parents brought a new laptop - Acer Aspire for me and my brother cause the old one is stolen by thiefff. :/ But it actually is for my brother to use at collage. But whatever, we can share it to use what. The only thing I can't touch is his documents only.

Anddd this is our laptop. ;)

Acer Aspire 4750G.

And parents brought a computer dictionary for me. Cause the old one is stolen too. -.-
Now I love my computer dictionary so much cause it helps me a lot in studying. And it has model tests, grammar lessons and many in a card that free for us ! Wowww.

And this is how it looks ! :D

We have a lunch at ZEN by Secret Recipe. The food there is freakin' yummy until I don't know how to describe it ! :O
Let the pictures talk now. :) *I only use phone to take the pictures so the quality not that good.*


Cuppucino. *Got spell wrong? o.O *

My chicken steak ! :D

Brother's crispy fish & chips.

Mom and Dad's ZEN Burger.

About 7:30 p.m , we went home. TIRED but happy ! :D


07/03/2011 - First day exam.

First day exam. I'm nervous and keep doing exercises at school.
The questions.. Okay larh. Not too hard and not easy. 2 more days to go ! Say good luck to me ! :D
Hope I'll get good results for this time. LET BAD RESULTS GET OFF OF MY WORLD !

Tomorrow is having Geography, Science and Chinese test. Hope they doesn't kill me with the questions !

Off to study now. Bye peopless. :)