Monday, August 29, 2011

Exam ends. Holiday starts. :D

My emo look :D

Hello creatures ! What's up guys ? :) Yea finally, I finished my trial exam ! Happy or not ? Actually, I'm not that happy cause so many of those questions I don't know how to do. Haih. Regret again. Regret why am I so lazy to study. It seems like every time exam I'm lazy to study, and after the exam, I feel regret and disappointed. :( I wish to change this bad habit, but I just can't control myself ! Arghhh. I'm the author of my life, but I can't control myself. Isn't it the worst thing ever ? D: I have no idea what am I doing.

So yea. Back to the story. Holiday starts ! :D One week of holiday. Not too long and not too short. After a week of holiday, I've to tidy myself and keep on working hard for the next exam -- PMR. So stress. But I really don't wanna my parents feel disappointed of me. So no matter what, I promise I'll work really hard. FOR REAL THIS TIME. Promise no lie.

Yo guys. Saw it ? I changed my blog header finally ! I used almost 1 hours to make it. If I never make it wrong. I love it ! :D

And spot my blog icon ! It's a super cute cupcake ! Wow wow. I love it so much man ♥ :D

Yup that's the crazy me :P

So. Tomorrow I'm going Ipoh for 1 day trip with family ! :D Damn happy. Cause you know, Ipoh so many delicious and cheap food ! All the foods in Ipoh are so delicious and yummy ! So awesome you know 
Imma going to eat eat eat until I become a big big big fat pig ! ;D Teehee. Can't wait can't wait ! When I'm back, I'll update more. :) So stay tuned !

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Put my best foot forward.

I just love my smile :D  

Hello hello my dear readers  How are you guys lately ? :) Again again. One week didn't touch my lovelyyy bloggie. Cause PMR trial exam started since last Thursday. Kinda stress, but idk why I'm not nervous at all. LOL. I just worry about the actual PMR. If I get poor results in PMR, I swear I'll bang the wall. -.- *coi coi coi :x*

Kays back to the story. Last Thursday I had my Bahasa Malaysia paper 1 & 2 and Science paper 1. I don't know what to say about these, cause everything seems like hard to me -.- Seriously la. Cause you know that, I'm just too lazy to study. And on last Friday, had my History, Civic and Art paper. History paper was so super duper hard ! And at the same time, boring. -0- 60 questions in the History paper ! Makes me so headache when I'm answering. Can't remember what I've read.

Idk why the Civic and Art was involved in trial exam. Subjects which is totally useless. -.- Not involved in the actual PMR also. LOL. 50 questions for civic, what for ? I bet everyone don't know what is it for. Art, drawing, I just simply draw.

See ? I study until like this. LOL

Then I bang the book ! LOLLL xD

4 more days to go for the exam ! Tomorrow having English paper 1 & 2 and Science paper 2. I'll put my best foot forward. Wish me luck ! :)


Saturday, August 13, 2011

4 more days until PMR trial :(

YUP that's the crazy me  ! x)

Guess my title already told you everything. Yup, the PMR trial exam is just around the corner ! 4 more days until the exam. Which is on ext Thursday :( Ahhhh, what am I gonna to do ? I still got so many subjects, chapters and all those stupid things had to read and memorize ! Not enough time for me D; Especially the stupid history and geography. SO HARD TO MEMORIZE !  I'm dying. I'm dying for sure ;(

And you know, I'm still so lazy to study. I keep forcing myself to study and keep telling myself the exam is so  important. But I just can't get back the motivation to study :( What to do ? I just can't concentrate in my studies.. ANYONE HELP ? Gimme some advise anyone :( I felt so stress. And every time I opened up my books, I'll feel sleepy and no mood to study.. SO STRESS YOU KNOW :'( 

Really really don't know what to do now. My head is going to burst when I'm studying D: That stupid PMR ruin my wonderful life -.- That stupid dupid disgusting annoying PMR is killing me -.-
Haih, the only thing I can do now is keep on dong revision. And wish me luck in my exam :') Hope I will not get a bad results. Buddha bless me  

And Good Luck to Those Who Having Exam Too  :) 


IOI Mall with them :)

Hello hello all my lovelies ! :D How are you guys ? I know you all miss me so much :P What again, its been a long long time I didn't update my blog. The same reason again, cause of exam ! I've to keep studying, studying and studying. What a stress life.. :/ The trial exam is just around the corner ! Ahhhhhh, I'm dying. Haih. :(

Okay, back to the main topic. Just a short simple post. Last last Friday, which is on 29 July. I went IOI Mall with my girls - SukYing, KeJia and KarEe We straight away go there after school by taking bus :)

Let the pictures tell you everything ;D

KarEe's cute little car hanging on her phone ;DD

We went Old Town White Coffee to have our lunch 

While waiting for the delicious food. See ? SukYing and KarEe are so excited playing their phone xD

The bill xD

After that, we went shopping. Walking here and there and keep buying things :D Me and SukYing brought a new bag. Same pattern bag but not same color :D I also pierce my third piercing ! Finally KarEe pierce her 7th piercing and KeJia pierce 4 more piercing. I don't dare to pierce so much cause my mom will scold me :/

YAY my piercing 

After that, KarEe and me keep taking photos  ;D

Left is KarEe and right is me :)

Look at my sweet smile ! =D
*Ignore my eye bags D;

The crazy us :D

Me & my cutie KeJia 

That's all for this post. Bye peoples :3