Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm a V.I.P :D

You know I rocks ! xD Don't know what happened to me today. Just feel like doing something crazy and damn happy today :D

I'm a V.I.P ! :D What's a V.I.P huh ? You will know if you're Big Bang's fan. :P For those who don't know what it mean, I'll tell you. ;) Big Bang's fans is called a V.I.P. Cool name huh ? SAY YES ! :D And guess what ? I just got a free Big Bang poster from epop magazine. ♥ So happy when I found out that. For those V.I.Ps who haven't brought epop, you have to be quick ! Maybe there's still some stock in the book store. (: Quick go and grab epop 315 back home ! ;D

You know what ? That day I'm in the book store searching and wishing that any magazine got give out free Big Bang poster. And I search lots of magazine and those magazine don't have free poster. Feel so disappointed that time. And then when I wanna to give up, my eyes spot epop 315 and my hands move to that magazine. I look at the front page of the magazine. Cause as usual if they got free any poster they will mention it on the front page. I look and search and then I found there's no free Big Bang's poster, then I put down the magazine. But that time don't know why, I just feel like maybe I didn't saw it. I took the magazine down again and look again. Then I spotted there's free Big Bang poster ! I almost screamed out that time :D
It was so close. If I never look again I'll not get their poster. 

They're all so handsome ! Especially my Daesung oppa (right side with black and red shirt) :D 

Me with my Big Bang poster ♥ Ignore my retarded face :P . Just look at their handsome face :D ♥

The time passed so damn freaking fast. And now is almost end of July. PMR trial exam is coming soon. And yet I still haven't did anything for my studies. :( Yea I'm lazy I know. I just feel so stress. Haih. Gonna change myself from now on. Got to pack up my playing mode and change it to studying mode. Have to study really really hard from now on. You can do it Christine ! :) Gambateh ! ♥
Offline now. Bye lovelies. ;)


Saturday, June 25, 2011

XO Shabu-shabu ♥

LOL again. :D Don't know why feel like its nicer if its upside down xD

Haha. I think the title already told you everything. Its my favourite food ! Shabu-shabu 
Yesterday night, grandparents, brother and I sat on my uncle Hoe's extremely nice car, Nissan Teena and went to my favourite restaurant XO Shabu-shabu ♥. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking why am I keep going that restaurant continuously right ? :D I told you I'm a genius xD Just joking. The food there were extremely F.R.E.S.H ! With the soup and the fresh ingredients, the food become so delicious ! I just can't stop eating once I eat. :D Seriously !

Look at the fresh ingredients ! 

Oops, there's a tissue beside my bowl. Sorry :P

The cute pot :D

We ate a lot ! :O

Super delicious ! Miss the taste now. :(


Friday, June 24, 2011

Father's Day :D

Do I look a bit different ? O.O Looking weird.

Hello peoples ! How are you ? Ohh I know it. What again, its been so long I didn't update my blog. What's the main reason ? This time, its not because I'm lazy. Its because everyday when I wanna to update my blog, the stupid modem wanna fight with me. Idk what's the modem's problem. Its turning slower and slower. I think one day I've to call the P1 wimax customer service and complain it. -,- The slow line really really makes me wanna punch and kick and throw the modem ! Ishhhhhhh :@ But luckily, the modem survived. LOL. Cause the line back to normal today.

Okay back to the story. Last Saturday we had a Father's Day celebration @ Janbo restaurant. It should be a happy day but sadly, I had gastric ! I don't know why suddenly I got gastric. My stomach was so freaking pain that time. Mom and dad quickly went downstairs to buy the medicine and oil for me. So touch. :') And so, I didn't eat much that day. I only eat some bun. Pity ;( After I eat the medicine, I feel much more better. ;)
Didn't took much photo that day. Cause you know, I got gastric. :(

Now let the pictures talk ! :)

I love the white-shiny bowl and spoon :D

Daddy's present !

Let's see what's inside the teddy bear bag :D

Man's belt. :) Daddy likes it ! 
A present from me and brother for daddy. ;)


A booklet with family photos inside (:
A present from me.
So I actually gave one and a half present to daddy ? HAHAA xD

Daddy and me. I look ugly and fat. So I covered my face.

Cute cousins :D

My youngest cousin sister, Renee 

Dad is singing ! xD Haha.

Its Father's Day and my uncle Hoe's birthday. So we brought this cake :)
The cake was extremely yummy ! With fresh vanilla cream outside and French hazel nut inside 

Cake time 
1,2,3 ! Blow the candle ! :D Teehee.

After that, my cousin Sharyl and me went to the toilet to take pictures ! xD

That's me ! :D

Oops, forgot to close the flash. :P

Me and Sharyl 

Take 1 !

Take 2 !

Take 3 !

Don't like the colour.

Me with angry bird. :D

Me holding the wine :D *Ignore my retarded face. :O

Had a great day that day. Perhaps peoples are right. Family are the best. ;) Goodnight peoples 



Monday, June 20, 2011

Busy. Will update soon.

Busying with my Geography folio now. Have to pass up tomorrow. :( So stay tuned. I'll update soon about Father's Day celebration :)
Wait for me lovelies 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bye bye brown hair ! :(

I never smile like this to take pictures before :D

What's up peoples ? ;) Hope you guys had a great day. This post suppose be posted a few days ago. But I keep procrastinating. Keep giving myself reasons and lazy to write about this. Sorry guys. :(
Anyway, last Saturday I dyed back my hair colour to black ! Yea, BLACK. No more browny brown hair. D; Too sad. Too sad. Why I dye it back ? Cause before the school holiday, the discipline teacher told us they will have spot check this week. As you know my hair colour became more obvious and obvious. So to avoid got 'catch' by the discipline teacher, I dyed it back :( . I don't know whether I'm regret or not. Oh lol.

HairTec HI-SHINE COLOURANT, Midnight black.

That little bottle of Intensive Serum was awesome !
After washing my hair, I apply it on my hair, and my hair is SMOOOOOOTH ! Woots 

So this is the outcome. Damn black you know ! ;( It's even more black than the picture !

My hair is absolutely oh-so-damn-freaking black now ! All of my friends said that too. My hair is like the fake hair now cause it's toooooooooo black. :( I want my brown hair black ahhhhhh. It's the discipline's fault ! If not the discipline, my hair is still brown now. Stupid discipline teacher, give me back my brown hair ! D: Really really don't like black. Haih. But no use although I'm sad. I can't change anything what. So the only thing I can hope now is the black hair won't be so freakin' black soon.

Bye bye brown hair ! :(


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I miss Mr.Holiday. :(

*Old photo. Sorry, can't find any photos again. I'm not photogenic these days. :(

So hey guys, what's up ? Fine ? :) For me, I'm not that fine. Cause school reopened since yesterday. No more holiday. :( I still miss Mr.Holiday so much. I'm super lazy to study and wake up early to school after two weeks of rests. Now everything turn back as usual, wake up early in the morning to prepare for school. You know every morning I was like, Gosh I don't wanna go school I still wanna sleep ! ;( Really really super duper damn freaking tired when I woke up in the morning. D; I don't know how long I can stand for this. -,-

School reopens means, I'm taking back all my mid year exam papers D:

Took back most of my exam papers. Felt so disappointed to myself. This time exam my results is TOTALLY BAD BAD and BAD. :( No any improvement ! I don't know how to face my PMR exam anymore. The time pass so fast. The try exam is coming soon ! Damn I shouldn't be like this anymore. PMR exam is coming. This exam is so damn important. I hate myself cause I'm damn lazy. The exam is coming and yet I'm still sitting here doing nothing. D; I REALLY SHOULD STUDY REALLY REALLY HARD FOR THE PMR EXAM.

NOOOOOOOO ! :O Exam is killing me ! SO STRESS. SO STRESS. Anyone help ? I bet I'll get crazy by studying this year. Seriously. I seems like don't know how to arrange my time and lack of confidence. ): I keep procrastinating my work. Like the History and Geography folios, until now I still haven't done it yet. And end of this month I must pass it up. Have to rush rush and rush doing my folios. I won't leave it at there taking zero marks. Okay, I promise myself. I'll change myself and be more hardworking. So trust me, I'll be a GOOD GIRL :-P Teehee :D

Okay. That's all for today. Night lovely peoples ;)


Friday, June 10, 2011

A brand new look.

My phone + mom's phone noob edit xD
Got a cute little car down there =D

Yo what's up peoples ?  I'm still the same, still feel bored. Do you know a big secret ? Wanna know ? Okay I'll tell you :D The secret is, holiday is going to end soon. Two more days. :/ Idk I'm happy or not. Cause I'm lazy to study after two whole weeks of rest. But I miss my lovely friends and can't wait to see them ♥. So I actually don't know I love holiday or not. Gosh. Can I go school and no need to study ? If I ask my teachers this question, I'm sure I'll receive a punch from each teacher I asked. LolWtf -.- Okay let's stick to the topic !

Spot that spot that ? :D My blog just received it's brand new look ! YAY ;D Well I know it's been a long time I didn't redecorate my blog. And finally this morning I just realized I'm so bored with the old blog decoration. So there, my decorating mood came back and find me. And taadaa ! This is the outcome I really love it. Do you ? :P

I've been design and design this blog about 1 hour. You can see how hardworking am I. xD And at the same time, I changed my blog song too ! Added two new songs. I know you all already bored with the previous blog song. :P The first song is Try Smiling by Daesung, second is Cotton Candy by Daesung too :D  Recently love this two song so much ♥. 

So okay that all for this post. Bye and night peoples. ;)