Saturday, April 30, 2011

Losing confidence.

Weee ~ Heart this ! :D

Time pass fast. And it was so fast, now we reached the last day of April. Dear time, don't you just stop for awhile and give me a rest ? I'm tired of chasing the time. Seriously. If you ask me : "What have you done within these few months ?" I maybe will answer you : "Nothing ?"
Really. I've been like doing nothing ! As you know I'm a lazy pig. So lazy to study and keep procrastinating my works, wasting my time. I still have so many things to do. But I'm not motivated all the time. Someone kill me please. ): What I have done equals to ZERO. Yea, 0+0=0. Every time I call myself to do things, and the result is FAILED. I'm failed to call myself to do the things I suppose to do, I failed to control myself. Works delayed by me cause of my excuses. I keep giving myself an excuse. Haih.

And now the exams is around the corner. I still did nothing for it. I hate myself sometimes. This time exam many chapters was added in. I don't know how to handle it. SO STRESS ! I don't know how to study anymore ! Anyone can teach me ? I can't get back my confidence. And yet I don't know what I have study within these few months. Gonna die for this exam. :( I don't know how to face this problem. I don't know how to face this exam. I'm like an useless girl, stupid and lazy. Any advice from you guys for me ? I seriously need some counselling. ;( Haih. No self-confidence at all.
I need to get back my confidence. I need to look back what I have learned within these few months. Seriously can't be like this anymore. :(


Friday, April 29, 2011

Change myself. :)

In uniform again. ;) Don't let you see my face ! :P
My hair looks long ! xD

You will never knows these if I never told you.
You will never know I'm a girl who will gets mad easily. You will never know I will talk to my parents and grandparents rudely sometimes. You will never know when I'm in a bad mood, I'll never answer questions from my parents and grandparents. You will never know I will talk loudly to my grandparents sometimes. And you will never know I can be no manners to my grandparents and parents.
But now you know it. I'm a bad girl right ? I know it. ): I have been be so rude to them although they treat me good. Although they take care of me. Although they did so many things for me. Although they love me.

And now I know how's the feeling of losing family members. The feeling is bad. And now I know they love me. But I even lied to them. I'M DEFINITELY A BAD GIRL, A BAD DAUGHTER, A BAD GRANDDAUGHTER. They still love me although I'm bad. But I still not filial and immature.

I don't want to be like this anymore. I must appreciate them when they're still beside me. I want to change myself. I have to get rid of my bad temper. I want to be a good daughter and granddaughter. I have to grow mature.
From now on I'll start to change myself. I'll not gets mad easily. I'll control my temper. And from now on the BAD CHRISTINE is out. The GOOD CHRISTINE is here. ;)


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

'That post'

Specs. :D

My mood haven't fully recovered yet. But still I'm here to blog about this. I don't want to be a promise breaker. Cause it's been so long I promised I'll write about this, but my mood is giving me excuses to delay this post. Really can't write about this when I'm in a bad mood. Cause this is a happy post. :) No more tears and unhappy things. :D Trust me.

Come on let's start with this. ;DD
That day. It's been so long. Lol. 20/4/2011. Me and my whole gang bring phone to school. And we keep capturing photos. :D It's a damn happy and freaking fun day ! And that day many teachers didn't enter the class. So we took out our phone and takes photos together. And you know ? Even the teacher is in the class (not teaching), we still can take photos. Using our bags or handkerchief to avoid the teacher saw our phones. :D Playing with each other's phone and using phone to on :P We even sms each other. Damn fun huh. :D I know we're naughty bringing phone to school but it's really really fun ! I'm laughing and smiling for the whole day. Almost. Hehe.

Let the pictures tell you everything. (p/s: My friends asked me not to put those photos with faces so I'm not putting those with faces. But they're pretty ! :( But I'm ugly in those photo so I decided not putting. :P Sorry~)

Introducing Kar Ee's bread ! xD

Yi Jun's table. :D
One litre teardrops. 

I love this ! I love the effect so muchie. 

Suk Ying's hand. Show me your peace ! :D
*I saw Valerie standing there. :P

Kejia's phone. :D

My beautiful name. xD

Hers and mine DOMO. 
The DOMO is gonna bite our name ! xD

That's me ! LOL !

OMG ! That's me again ! Look at my ugly hair ! Ignore it. :(
Suk Ying is so cool ! :D
*I saw Valerie again. LOL.

Friendship about us. :D

Kar Ee and Yi Jun playing phone. :D

Kar Ee's phone effect ! COOL !

Love in friendship will never ends. 

I love them laa ! They always makes me laugh ! :D
Suk Ying, Kejia, Kar Ee, Yi Jun, Valerie. ♥ Valerie and the gang. :D


Monday, April 25, 2011

I don't want this to happen.

I know what you want to say. You wanna say you miss me right ? Hahahh. Don't be so shy :P
It's been three days I didn't online. Why ? Something happens to my family. It's like sunny day suddenly thunder comes when I heard that news. My grandpa's sister passed away. She's so good to me and she treat everyone well. My mood seriously down down and down to the max that time. So sad. So suddenly. I'm crying at the funeral there. Now I understands what is the feeling of losing family members. I'm crying and my tears like can't stop that time. So sad.. ;( I don't want this to happen. I don't want. D': She's very sick before she passed away. Hope she can rest in peace. And hope she can be happy at the other world. Buddha bless her.
If you saw me at school today, you maybe will saw I'm so emo today. No mood. Seriously, when I'm writing this, I feels like crying. ): Anybody please borrow your shoulder for me. :'( Haih ! A big haih ! My mood becomes down down and down now. I NEED a hug now. I'm about to post about 'that post' but I'm seriously don't have the mood to blog about a happy day in a bad mood. Sorry again my blog readers. A big sorry to you all. I've been delaying and delaying that post. Really, sorry. :(
You know I'm feel like crying when I'm thinking of that thing that happens to my family. I hate this feeling. Haih. But I can't control anything. Things have just happened. I can't change a thing. The only thing that I can do is face the fact and accept the truth. But does this works to me ? She is one of my family member that I respect very much. I don't know what I'm thinking now I just feels like wanna cry. ;(


Friday, April 22, 2011


I'm busy.

I'm actually glad that I'm busy finally. Cause lately I've been doing nothing everyday. Homeworks and folios, all delayed for online-ing. So wasting time ! Damn regret why I'm being such a lazy people. I'm having an important exam - PMR this year. Can't be so lazy anymore. And the mid year exam is around the corner too. I have to be a hardworking girl and do the best.
So I'm start doing my folios now. And doing revision too. I'll be updating tomorrow if I got free time. Stay tuned my lovelyyy peoples. ;)


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Same problem. -,-

Old photo. *The DOMO is going to bite my blog link ! O.O* xD

Bonjour peoples ! Something's really kills me ! It makes me became a mad woman. Omfg. You know what ? Is because the stupid USB Bluetooth again ! I can't even send one photo into my computer today. I tried many times, it just gave me the same reaction -,- I brought that USB Bluetooth a year ago. If I never got it wrong. SO FAST ! The problem came again and again. I'm losing my patience and I'm sick of it. It have been so many times ! These days almost every day the same problem comes again. Really laa, freaking mad of it ! Grrrr. ><
And just now I wanna to send photos for blogging, the problem occurs AGAIN. So now I can't write that post ! Feeling like throwing the stupid USB Bluetooth into the sea ! -.- lolwtfff. All I can do now is hoping. Hoping the problem won't occurs tomorrow. I want to write that post so badly ! :( 
So hey you stupid USB Bluetooth ! Don't makes me mad tomorrow if not I gonna kill you for sure ! I'm gonna throw you into the big big sea and give the waves rush you go far far away. Grrr. :@

And last, check out the new twitter ! I LOVE IT. :D

That's all for today. Stay tuned for 'that post' . :D Night peopless. (:


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

IOI MALL with my love one. ♥

School uniform look. :)

19/4/11 . Yesterday. After school I went IOI with my Miss Mushroomyy. She's my best best and best friend forever. We chat and laugh everyday. We share our funny things, sad things and happy things together. And I & her have a lot of common things ! Like hobbies, disposition, the things that we have experienced, the things that we like and many many more ! It's hard to find a best friend like this but I found one. Miss Mushroomyy, I love you ! And I feel so happy to have a friend like you. You helped me many things and you cheer me up when I'm sad. You accompany me walk through a lot of things ! Thanks a lot ! And mostly, you makes me SMILE everyday. I love you, friend. 

Back to the main topic. 
We reached there about 2:17 in the afternoon. And we have lunch at Taiwan Recipe. :D The food are awesome man ! So delicious ! And the drinks either.

Phone's camera quality not that good. :(

I love their lantern up there. Looks romantic. :D

My drink. 'Peach Pearl Milk Tea'. :)
What a big cup of drink ! I can't even finish it and I pour it into my bottle. :P

My lovely DOMO wallet and my pearl milk tea up there. :D

Don't let you see my face ! :P My lips is nicer than my face. xD lol !

Miss Muchroommy's 'Special Stewed Rice'. :)

My 'Tang Tang Noodle'. DELICIOUSSSSSSS ! 

This meat ball is so freaking big ! It takes me 5 minutes to bite and eat the whole meat ball. -,-

After having lunch, we went shopping ! :D I brought a Glue Tape and ..

Specs without mirrors. ;D I love it !

Curly hair again. But not nice. Last time one is nicer.

My noob face. -,-

Wearing the specs upside down ! :D

Before we going out to wait for the bus, we have McDonalds Vanilla Sundae Cone. :D

It's so soft and it's freaking yummy !
My Miss Mushroomyy and I love McDonalds ice-cream so much !

When the bus arrived, we went back to school and back home by school bus. :) Have a super great time ! 


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bad mood.

Currently in a bad bad and bad mood ! I don't understand why they treat me like this. I don't understand. Don't they care about my feelings ? Don't they think how I feel ? Don't they ever think about my feelings ?! I hate this. I can't stand it anymore. I don't want such a family like this. I want a happy family. Can I ? Please. I just want a happy life. Can I ? They don't know my feelings. Not because of I didn't show out. Is because they don't care ! I know they're my family but this is a raw deal ! Unfair unfair and unfair. Is not I'm finding reasons to argue. Is just because I want FAIR. Can they just ask and understand what this is all about only scold me ? Can they just don't scold me with no reasons ? I don't know what they think but I'm sure they know what people call feelings. I WANT A HAPPY FAMILY.

*Thanks for my dear Phoebe for being my listeners and cheering me up. I ended up my tears. You're a good friend ! I love you friend. :') Thanks.  


Monday, April 18, 2011

An extraordinary Monday.

Kinda love this photo. :D

Is Monday again ! The day I hate the most within the entire week ! Why ? Cause school late ends and I've tuition alone. :(

But my friends make me happy today. Keep laughin' :D 
Today Suk Ying, Kejia and Yi Jun took my wallet and Suk Ying asked me : 'Don't you feel anything of your thing's missing?' Then I keep on thinking and finding. I realize that my wallet is missing. But then when I finally found my wallet, Suk Ying asked me again : 'Don't you realize that your things in your wallet is gone ?' And then I opened my wallet and all my things are gone. LOL ! I just keep laughing cause I know is they took all my things. :D And after I found my things inside Yi Jun's pocket, Suk Ying asked me again : 'Check your things properly. Is there any missing things again ?' I can't figure it out what else they have took and finally they gave back me my wallet. LOL ! Damn funny ! It's like today is April fool's day. :D

And finally, school ends. Back to home at 3 p.m. as usual. After dinner, I take a short nap cause on 5 p.m. I got tuition. 5 p.m. , I not willing to got up to tuition cause every Monday I gonna have tuition alone cause all my friends have tuition on Tuesday cause Monday they're not free. And Tuesday I'm not free. Lucky huh :/ ? -.- But no choice, I have to go.
When I reached there, there's no place for me to sit and I stood there like a mad woman. :O I'm like got mental problem you know ! lolwtfffff.

When tuition-ing, I keep chatting with my friend by sending sms. And suddenly the girl sits next to me saw my DOMO wallet inside my bag and she asked me : 'Can I borrow your DOMO ?' I gave it to her and she's playing with it. LOL. When she gave it back to me, she said : 'Thanks. So cute !' Then I just give her my brilliant smile. xD

Guess today's protagonist is my DOMO wallet.
Cute right ? :D

So that's my extraordinary Monday. Time to off now. Night peoples. ;)

Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Curly hair ?

The look when I'm back from school. :D

This post should be posted yesterday but I have no time. D: Sorry !

The day before yesterday, that means Thursday laa. :D I tied something like this to school :

And when I want to bath, I put it all down and it becomes like I have curly hair !

Nothing's gonna change my love for you. 
I'm so in love with this song because ... I can't tell. :P

One eye big and another small ! Ohh, I hate this.
It's because my left eye got double eyelid but the right one only have one. -,-

Ignore my face ! @@

If you see my face in this picture, and your expressions will be like the panda over there.
So I better cover it. The panda is more cute and I'm not. :P Just look at my hair. C:

Blink ! :D

Kinda love this.

You know if I washed my hair, it will become straight again. So I'm just keep standing there taking photo cause I love the curly hair.
Maybe you'll say : 'Why not you go perm my hair ?' I wish to. But I bet my mom will never give me to. About one month ago, I asked my mom : 'School can let us perm hair a not ? I saw somebody permed their hair.' And then, my mom said : 'Don't make so many things to your hair laa.' She said "Don't make so many things" that is because I dyed my hair last year December. D:
Duh, so disappointed when she said that. :( I wanna perm my hair ! Cause it looks more mature. And it can also makes a childish me becomes a mature me. :P Haih, anyway, I'll try begging her. :D Hope my dream comes true then ! ;PP

That's all for now. Bye peeps !


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Love has no desire but to fulfill itself.

Love has no desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.

Love is a gift. If you receive it open and appreciate it. If not, don't worry, someone somewhere is still wrapping it for you ♥