Saturday, November 26, 2011


Oh this mad girl. she's 15 now.

Oh hey my dear readers! Yea, as you know I just passed by 15th birthday. Yeah I'm officially 15 years old now :D 22th November, happy birthday to me ♥ Suddenly feel myself is growing up so fast. Yea, so fast. I can't believe I'm already 15 and I'm heading to form 4 next year. Ohh stress is coming over me. Don't feel like wanna grow up so fast, teenage life is awesome  But peoples have to grow up to learn something new and experience life, so just move on :) Realized I've grown up a lot, I'm so childish last time! Hahahaha :D

That day mama brought a chocolate cake for me. Chocolate is my favorite :) Just a simple celebration but I'm so happy. After dinner they just took the cake out and sang birthday song for me C:

Looks delicious right? Yea it's absolutely delicious! :D American Chocolate ♥ !

Opps! Don't look at my face :x

Oh LOL! I look so happy when they're singing birthday song for me :D Oh actually I look funny.

Birthday wish : Go to BIGBANG's concert with my babe friend - Suet Hwei 
If this really happens I'll jump around, scream all day and I'll faint. HAHAHA! :D

Teeheeeeeee :3

Had a great time with my family! Thanks a lot! Appreciate it ♥ Thanks for everyone, all my friends and family, thanks for being by my side no matter what happens :') I'll change my bad habits like procrastinating, lazy and much much more. Next year I'll be a good student, no playing around anymore :P SPM is coming! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I'M FIFTEEN YEARS OLD :D

Last but not least, thanks to Phoebe and Jia En for this huge huge bear :) I love it so much! But the bear is almost bigger than me. Haha :P

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