Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pinkie blog ♥

If I can make you fall for me, I'll be right there to catch you & never let you go. ♥

*Idk why. Recently I love black & white pics so much ♥.♥

Hello my beautiful creatures :D ! How are you guys ? Haha bet you'll realized there's something different :P YEA, I finally redecorated my dear blog. Thinking back, I can't count how long I didn't redecorate my blog. This year I've been so busy preparing for PMR exam but now, you know, I'm free :) Just staying at home fooling around and sitting in front of the computer everyday while waiting for the results. I mean is this life? LOL. This is a boring lifeless life after PMR :/ Okay enough craping about PMR again, it seems like every time I love to move to the another topic lol idk why. MOVE TO THE MAIN TOPIC NOW :D

OH HEY pinkie blog! Simple design and I love PINK :D And don't you realized I changed my songs too? It's one of my favorite song :) So yea, I put it in. AND AND AND my blog header! Hahahah I looks cool :P *p/s : It's a black & white picture again. lol. I just love black & white *

Lately I've no idea what to blog with. I don't wanna my blog to be dead but I really don't know what to blog with in this boring holiday :( . So to know more bout me you can follow my Twitter :) . Okay signing off now, bye peoples ;)

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