Monday, November 28, 2011

Karaoke with Family ♥

My weird & weak looking face. Not photogenic at all lately :/

Just a short update today. Bet ya'll know what am I going to blog bout today by reading the title :P I went Redbox Karaoke @ IOI MALL with family and two cousin brothers to have a crazy Karaoke party day :D Seriously, I was shocked when my mom called and book the room LOL. Cause I beg her many times to go to the Karaoke but she never give me a reply. But anyway, thanks mama! :)

My lemon juice! :D

Didn't take much photos cause we're busy singing :P It's been a long time since the last time I went to the Karaoke box. I'm super super happy and keep singing and singing loudly! :D Though there's lots of unhappy things happened lately, but I'm just gonna sing out loudly and happily :) Life is no meaning if I'm not happy everyday. And the music can helps me to forget everything. Music is my drug and I'm addicted to it 

We're so happy that time and it's great to be together with family :) And and actually I never sing so loud before in front of my parents! HAHA! My daddy singing is so nice I love his voice :D I know my voice is terrible but I just love to sing ♥ Had a great family day C:


I know these days I don't blog often. Cause I'm not in a blogging mood :/ Damn it wtf I hate myself. Will update more often. Stay tuned :)

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