Thursday, November 10, 2011

Once in a life time, 11.11.11


So hey creatures, how are you guys? Doing well? :) A whole long week I didn't update my blog again. I know, I'm such a procrastinator. I wanna update my blog but I just keep procrastinating :( IHATEMYSELF.
Okay so now back to the topic. Happy 11.11.11 everyone :) . This day doesn't mean anything to me. I'm staying at home dating with my laptop :D   HAHA. But anyway it's a special day. Once in a life time huh. We're lucky that we can pass this day together C: . APPRECIATE APPRECIATE! :P 

It's a special date today. So did you make a wish? :D Make a wish if you haven't! I wish I can see BIGBANG live at their concert  If you know me, you should know I love them so much :P Oh I can say that they're my life  Their music their songs their voice and their everything are amazing! I can't live without one day of their music Yea, I'm a crazy fan :D I LOVE THEM!

Oh that's my BIGBANG ♥ They're so cool so handsome so awesome ;D

Wish everyone have a great day today. Stay happy and smile always :) On this special day, here I wanna tell all my darling friends, I love you all! Please be happy everyday ya C: Keep smiling and no matter what, smile. :)

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