Wednesday, April 20, 2011

IOI MALL with my love one. ♥

School uniform look. :)

19/4/11 . Yesterday. After school I went IOI with my Miss Mushroomyy. She's my best best and best friend forever. We chat and laugh everyday. We share our funny things, sad things and happy things together. And I & her have a lot of common things ! Like hobbies, disposition, the things that we have experienced, the things that we like and many many more ! It's hard to find a best friend like this but I found one. Miss Mushroomyy, I love you ! And I feel so happy to have a friend like you. You helped me many things and you cheer me up when I'm sad. You accompany me walk through a lot of things ! Thanks a lot ! And mostly, you makes me SMILE everyday. I love you, friend. 

Back to the main topic. 
We reached there about 2:17 in the afternoon. And we have lunch at Taiwan Recipe. :D The food are awesome man ! So delicious ! And the drinks either.

Phone's camera quality not that good. :(

I love their lantern up there. Looks romantic. :D

My drink. 'Peach Pearl Milk Tea'. :)
What a big cup of drink ! I can't even finish it and I pour it into my bottle. :P

My lovely DOMO wallet and my pearl milk tea up there. :D

Don't let you see my face ! :P My lips is nicer than my face. xD lol !

Miss Muchroommy's 'Special Stewed Rice'. :)

My 'Tang Tang Noodle'. DELICIOUSSSSSSS ! 

This meat ball is so freaking big ! It takes me 5 minutes to bite and eat the whole meat ball. -,-

After having lunch, we went shopping ! :D I brought a Glue Tape and ..

Specs without mirrors. ;D I love it !

Curly hair again. But not nice. Last time one is nicer.

My noob face. -,-

Wearing the specs upside down ! :D

Before we going out to wait for the bus, we have McDonalds Vanilla Sundae Cone. :D

It's so soft and it's freaking yummy !
My Miss Mushroomyy and I love McDonalds ice-cream so much !

When the bus arrived, we went back to school and back home by school bus. :) Have a super great time ! 


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